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Sunday, June 13, 2010

swimming and bouncing {weekend recap}

We've had a fun weekend and the kids are really enjoying all things water! Saturday was pretty low key - we stayed home in the morning and hung out, played and such except for a short early morning trip to one of Abby's favorite stores - Old Navy. They were having $2 tanks so since everyone was up early we decided to check it out. When we got there at 9 am they were out of almost all ladies tanks but they still had a few in Abby's size so she got a couple shirts and a pair of flip flops because they were also $2. After nap/rest time on Saturday we headed to church to work in the nursery as usual. Afterwards I met Beau and we switched cars so the kids went home with him and I went to a bbq at the house of one of the ladies who leads our Bibleland team. She was having all the Sat night team over for an appreciate dinner/graduation celebration for two of the girls who just graduated high school and had been working Saturday nights since Bibleland started childcare on Sat nights. I really enjoyed being able to sit and visit with all the sweet ladies who I work with. I also was able to walk over to my sweet friend Ashley's house and visit with her for a few minutes and finally get a chance to meet her sweet little baby Emma Grace for the first time. I hadn't been able to meet her besides just seeing pictures because we were keeping all germs away from her and kids of course always have germs and my two little ones are rarely not with me. Little Emma is just perfect and precious!  

Micah woke up on the wrong side of the bed after his nap. Hard to believe since it was almost an hour long than normal. I knew we needed to get out of the house and do something to keep Mr. Crankypants happy. Beau got home from the gym and threw together a picnic basket of all the things we needed for a burger cookout and we headed to the pool in his parents neighborhood. We swam for a good 45 minutes and Beau grilled up some burgers, sausage and corn for us and his parents. We enjoyed those along with some chips, guacamole (thank you HEB meal deal!) and strawberries I had frozen from when we went strawberry picking. 

Strawberries + Micah = mess! The juice coming out of the frozen strawberries as they thawed made them even messier than normal. 
It turned out we weren't the only ones who had the idea of having a picnic type thing at the pool area. Another very nice family was hosting a get together and they had a bounce house out at the pool. All their kids were in the pool swimming and they were so nice that before Abby, Micah and I had even joined Beau and the grandparents at the picnic table they had said we were free to jump on the bounce house. Abby loved it! 
Micah thought it was pretty cool as well! 
I didn't even think to bring my camera as I'm hesitant to bring it near water. I snapped all these pictures with Beau's phone. I need to find my charger for my little point and shoot camera and get a water proof cover for it so I can actually take more pictures this summer. The number of pictures I've taken this past month has gone down considerably since I don't always want to take my big camera to Sea World or the pool. 

1 comment :

Heather said...

What a fun weekend!! Micah looks like he loved the strawberries, what a cutie!! So fun!