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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Gigi is in town visiting again and boy is Abby is excited about 'her friend' being in town. Sorry Daddy she said that Gigi was her best friend today. She also told her that she wanted her to stay for a long time and even went as far as to hide Gigi's shoes. As a treat Gigi brought along another sucker from Holland that Pops picked up on his last trip to Holland before moving back Stateside from Paris. Abby loved her first one they brought and was oh so happy to see another sucker. 
When Gigi had brought the suckers before she brought one for each of the kids. I had never given Micah his so I had it sitting wrapped in it's plastic so they both got to enjoy some of their sucker today. I'm not sure who loved it more. 
Though Micah did throw a much much bigger fit when we took the suckers away to put them back in the wrappers to finish another day. 

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