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Saturday, June 05, 2010


This morning to get out of Daddy's way so he could concentrate on some bar prep class homework I took the kids to the mall to use a gift card we had from returning an outfit that had mismatched sizes since they didn't have that same outfit at our mall and we didn't have time to shop around when we returned the outfit. 

We got into the little girl's section and Abby was in heaven. She first spotted this pink tank style dress with a tulle/frilly skirt and matching ruffles around the neckline. She immediately said "I love this, it's my favorite!" I wasn't as impressed with that dress and told her lets look around. She took off to look with me finding things saying "Oh this is my favorite" or "Awww... look how pretty!" I think she found about twenty different 'favorites.' It was so cute to see her shopping like a little girl with everything being her favorite. She really loved the sundresses with ruffles the best (what a difference from last summer where she didn't want to even think about wearing a dress most days!) She finally decided on a polo dress that we found on the clearance rack that had some eyelet along the bottom of it. 

I'm not sure I even want to think about shopping with her in the future at this rate. Now it's pretty easy to steer her away from a dress I wouldn't really want to buy for her (like the first one I mentioned) but I don't foresee that always being the case. 

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