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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pudding painting

It was hot today (I have a feeling I'll be saying that all summer long!) and Micah was crabby for the second day in a row. He's a crab with a clear runny snotty nose and is not eating much (which really isn't good for that whole falling off the chart thing we've got going here) I'm thinking maybe some teeth but I can't see any swollen gums so who knows. So for some fun I made some pudding and the kids got to paint in the tub with it. 
I split the batch in thirds and added food coloring to some of it so we had red, greenish blue and yellow. They started by inspecting it and seeing what to do with it. 
Abby painted Micah's belly.

Micah examined the contents of the pudding bowls.
Abby made some handprints. 
Micah didn't last too long. Maybe about 5 minutes before he had enough (he was crabby today remember) and he didn't even want to taste any of the pudding - which defeated part of the purpose of this activity because I thought for sure he might try to eat it! I'm not sure why but I really like this picture even though he's upset! (Can you see his farmer's tan here?)
I took the messy Micah into my shower and washed him off while Abby finished painting some more. After Micah and I returned we turned on that shower and Abby washed the pudding paint off of her and cleaned the tub. She enjoyed this part almost as much as painting with the pudding.

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