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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Laundry and leashes

So I was in the middle of folding laundry two days ago and looked up to find this. Of course I dropped the laundry I was in the middle of putting away to grab my camera - so please excuse the pile of {clean} diapers on the floor and yet another basket of {dirty} clothes that needed to head downstairs. Laundry - it's a never ending job - especially around here. Miss Fashion Diva wears two outfits a day on a good day - more when she feels like it or gets wet or dirty or decides she doesn't like what she is wearing. Unless of course she is wearing one of her two new favorite dresses - then she'll stay in just that all day. Then there is Beau who has gym clothes, work clothes and home clothes. Micah is on the good list as far as laundry goes at least ever since I started stripping him before he eats. Which usually means he ends up hanging out in a diaper all day - at least they're cute diapers. But now back to what I found - Abby with a leash. 
Walking Micah.
He actually thought it was kind of funny. He got his turn to hang onto the other end and 'walk' Abby after he was done being walked as well. 



Unknown said...

That's AWESOME!!!

I can't wait to have 2 babies who interact together!

Brittany said...

Ohhh love his Gdiapers! I like the leash idea too!! LOL!

Christine said...

That's AWESOME!!!

I can't wait to have 2 babies who interact together!