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Thursday, June 24, 2010

How to fatten the baby {attempt # 27}

In an attempt to fatten Micah up, I took advantage of his recent love of blueberries. Seriously this child has eaten more blueberries in the past week than probably everything else combined. One morning I mixed some blueberries and cheerios in his snack trap and he just shook it around and ate all the blueberries out of it and avoided all the cheerios. 

For dessert after dinner one night I took a spoonful of eagle brand - also known as the nectar of the gods (I think it was Paula Deen that said this the first time I heard it called as such and I love it!) and poured it over his bowl of blueberries. Of course Micah didn't really want the bowl and tried to dump it out on his lap so I helped him pour it onto his high chair tray. 

Hmm what do I do with this?
What did you do to my beloved blueberries?
Well maybe I'll eat them.


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