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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Finally asleep

Last night ended up being a much longer night that I was expecting. Both kids were ready for bed early but that didn't mean either one of them fell asleep easily. Well I take that back Micah didn't take to long to fall asleep the first time but he did wake up about 10 minutes later. Then when the short period of sleep proved to be long enough that he wasn't going to go back down easily I took him downstairs with me to try to let Abby fall asleep without the disruption of knowing Micah was still awake. Only she caught us and then joined us downstairs. Couldn't really blame her as everyone else was up and she knew it and wanted to be involved. Especially when she realized Daddy was making cookies (probably because she heard the oven beep and she knows what that sound means!) So everyone ended up getting a little bit of chocolate chip cookie and ice cream after bedtime before we headed back to bed. Finally about 3 hours after bed time everyone was finally asleep - Beau and I weren't too far behind. So no blogging went on yesterday since I usually would edit pictures in the 3 hours I was rocking a baby and redirecting Abby to stop trying to summersault on the bed and instead lay still or to stay in her bed. I can be thankful that this only happens once every couple weeks instead of every night. I blame it on the lack of swimming yesterday since we didn't get a chance to get that extra energy out. Swimming beats playing in the water table and swing set in that aspect. No matter how long it takes though I still love all my snuggles with my itty bitty and with Abby (as she got rocked some too when she didn't want to fall asleep - still needs mommy love and snuggles!) 


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