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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Last night Abby got brought to her room for a time out for misbehaving and not obeying and getting her jammies on but instead jumping on the bed. Daddy had brought her to her room because I was nursing Micah since it was late after working in the church nursery during the ladies Bible studies. She was upset (as it was late and everything is more dramatic the later it gets) and ran back towards our room wanting me. Daddy stopped her in the hallway to talk to her and bring her back to her room since time out wasn't over. She told him in her most authoritative 3-almost-4 year old voice "You go back downstairs." This girly thought she could get out of her time out if Daddy wasn't there to put her back in her room. Sorry sweetie I love you but I'm not gonna let you out of time out either. 

For added effect here's a lovely picture {slightly out of focus and with bad lighting} of Abby throwing another tantrum this afternoon when she couldn't have the ball that Micah was playing with. 


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