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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Waking up

I love seeing this two interact more and more. Yesterday morning they started out the day with laundry basket rides. Micah climbed in the laundry basket and Abby started dragging the basket around while Micah giggled away! 

It was great fun until Micah was ready to get out of the basket and move on to something else. Abby was upset that Micah didn't want to play anymore. 

Micah had run away from getting his night time diaper changed after I took off his pjs to climb in the laundry basket so he was desperately in need of a change from his paper diaper but his very favorite game right now is to run away from diaper changes and putting on clothes as quickly as he can. 

cheese! {mostly wordless Wednesday}

Abby has been a ham for the camera lately. While I was looking through pictures I had taken Abby started saying  cheese and wanted her picture taken. 


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Laundry and leashes

So I was in the middle of folding laundry two days ago and looked up to find this. Of course I dropped the laundry I was in the middle of putting away to grab my camera - so please excuse the pile of {clean} diapers on the floor and yet another basket of {dirty} clothes that needed to head downstairs. Laundry - it's a never ending job - especially around here. Miss Fashion Diva wears two outfits a day on a good day - more when she feels like it or gets wet or dirty or decides she doesn't like what she is wearing. Unless of course she is wearing one of her two new favorite dresses - then she'll stay in just that all day. Then there is Beau who has gym clothes, work clothes and home clothes. Micah is on the good list as far as laundry goes at least ever since I started stripping him before he eats. Which usually means he ends up hanging out in a diaper all day - at least they're cute diapers. But now back to what I found - Abby with a leash. 
Walking Micah.
He actually thought it was kind of funny. He got his turn to hang onto the other end and 'walk' Abby after he was done being walked as well. 


Finally asleep

Last night ended up being a much longer night that I was expecting. Both kids were ready for bed early but that didn't mean either one of them fell asleep easily. Well I take that back Micah didn't take to long to fall asleep the first time but he did wake up about 10 minutes later. Then when the short period of sleep proved to be long enough that he wasn't going to go back down easily I took him downstairs with me to try to let Abby fall asleep without the disruption of knowing Micah was still awake. Only she caught us and then joined us downstairs. Couldn't really blame her as everyone else was up and she knew it and wanted to be involved. Especially when she realized Daddy was making cookies (probably because she heard the oven beep and she knows what that sound means!) So everyone ended up getting a little bit of chocolate chip cookie and ice cream after bedtime before we headed back to bed. Finally about 3 hours after bed time everyone was finally asleep - Beau and I weren't too far behind. So no blogging went on yesterday since I usually would edit pictures in the 3 hours I was rocking a baby and redirecting Abby to stop trying to summersault on the bed and instead lay still or to stay in her bed. I can be thankful that this only happens once every couple weeks instead of every night. I blame it on the lack of swimming yesterday since we didn't get a chance to get that extra energy out. Swimming beats playing in the water table and swing set in that aspect. No matter how long it takes though I still love all my snuggles with my itty bitty and with Abby (as she got rocked some too when she didn't want to fall asleep - still needs mommy love and snuggles!) 


Monday, June 28, 2010

Menu plan Monday

It's been a while since I've made a fixed menu plan for the week. Lately it's been like hmmm... what do I feel like cooking, eating and what do we have on hand after nap time each day. It's a pretty easy week to start back with a menu plan for the week for us.

Chipolte @ home with cilantro lime rice, chicken, black beans and corn 
*Now that the meal has been cooked I'd give it a 6 or 7. The flavors were good but it was lacking something. We'll try a different recipe next time we try this meal at home.

Eating @ Grandma and Grandpa's

Spaghetti and meatballs with green beans 

Chicken and crumbs (Beau's request when I told him the rest of the week's menu with this day still needing to be filled in)

Pizza - possibly off the grill if I can convince Beau to fire up the grill
*Baking sugar cookies for the 4th of July with Abby*

Grandma and Grandpa's to celebrate the 4th of July a day early



Saturday, June 26, 2010

New friend

Abby and Micah found a new the other evening. Do you have any guesses what they found?
Can you find him?
Were you right?


Friday, June 25, 2010

tea for 3

Abby prepared tea and dinner for Micah and I the other evening. Micah was quite excited to be at his first tea party. 
She cooked for us - including a nice steak for Micah. 
She poured us all some delicious tea and passed out our food. She's quite the little hostesses. 
What a feast we had. 


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Epiphanie bag giveaway

There are several things on my I'd love to have that list things that I don't need right now but boy are they cool and I'd love to have them. Mostly these three things in random order: 
1. The new iphone 4
2. Lightroom 3 (my beta version runs out on the 30th then it's back to editing only with Elements - which is great but I love lightroom and it's totally out of my price range right now!)
3. An Epiphanie camera bag
Simple is hosting a giveaway for a Epiphanie bag of your choice. I've entered and my fingers are now crossed hoping I will somehow win! 

How to fatten the baby {attempt # 27}

In an attempt to fatten Micah up, I took advantage of his recent love of blueberries. Seriously this child has eaten more blueberries in the past week than probably everything else combined. One morning I mixed some blueberries and cheerios in his snack trap and he just shook it around and ate all the blueberries out of it and avoided all the cheerios. 

For dessert after dinner one night I took a spoonful of eagle brand - also known as the nectar of the gods (I think it was Paula Deen that said this the first time I heard it called as such and I love it!) and poured it over his bowl of blueberries. Of course Micah didn't really want the bowl and tried to dump it out on his lap so I helped him pour it onto his high chair tray. 

Hmm what do I do with this?
What did you do to my beloved blueberries?
Well maybe I'll eat them.


What an arm!

Despite this cute picture, Micah's favorite game lately is not simply cuddling and chewing on his toys. That would just be all too tame for this little guy.
He likes to make everyone else work a little harder to play with him. Are you ready mama? Because here it comes!
There it goes! Are you going to get it mama?
Aren't I just the cutest thing?


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So back in the beginning of the month we went to Sea World and spun a wheel to win a prize (for season pass members.) We ended up winning a day planner. Beau already has a nice planner as do I (but I don't use my paper  planner anymore and switched to ical on my computer/phone) Abby decided she wanted it and started playing with it. She told me she was 'doing work' then later added 'like Daddy.' 
She plays on the calculator pushing buttons and draws pictures in it for her 'work.'
Can you see the concentration? 


Monday, June 21, 2010

Me and Mom Monday

Saw this idea for a link up a couple weeks ago but currently can't remember where I saw it at so I can't credit them with the idea for the thread or link up.... 

I took this picture myself yesterday - not so easy to take a picture of myself and a wiggly baby with my phone.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Beau had to work this morning - poor Daddy couldn't even attempt to sleep in on Father's Day. We tried to make up for it when he got home though. We watched some Rangers baseball and then headed to Grandma and Grandpa's for dinner and the 10th inning of a close comeback win for the Rangers! After dinner (yummy fried chicken cooked by Grandma!) we headed outside - mostly because Micah was wearing his grumpy pants and outside kept him entertained for almost an hour. 

Micah and Abby played with the rooster. She was making it walk and telling him the rooster says 'cock-a-doodle-doo.' So cute to watch them playing together more and more. 

Then they headed to the wonderful treehouse boat that Grandpa made for them. It's really awesome and there are improvements made almost every time we go over there. This time Grandpa had added a sail to the boat. It's way cool! 

Uncle Kevin came over for dinner as well and Abby loves having him to play with because she gets his uninterrupted attention. They played ball for a good long while. 

Abby also loves playing with Gus. He'll chase toys and run and catch - all things Honey doesn't do - never really has. 

Then Daddy and Grandpa came out ready to play ball. Why all the ball playing? Because Daddy got a new baseball glove for Father's day! Abby let Grandpa and Daddy throw the ball for a little while but then she wanted in on it as well. 
Good catch Abby! 
I hope everyone else had a wonderful Father's day - especially Beau and I's wonderful fathers, Pops and Grandpa - we love ya'll lots! 
{all iphone photos today - forgot my Nikon at home - at least we remembered Grandpa's present thanks to Abby reminding us at the very last minute as Daddy was buckling her in!}