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Sunday, May 30, 2010


I tried my best for a couple minutes to snap a few cute new shots of the kiddos this morning while they were dressed all cute for church. I was looking back through the pictures I'd taken this month and noticed while I've gotten lots of good shots of them having fun (that's what kids are supposed to do right?) I've gotten lots of shots of the sides of their faces, or blurs while they run off and not so many of them cute and smiling for the camera. Umm so yea that didn't work too well. Abby would have willing participated and did sit down for a picture but my active little Micah kept wandering off and since I had wisely chosen the front yard for this little photoshoot - wandering off towards the street or the rose bushes not such a great idea. I did get this one decent shot out of the whole 5 minutes I tried. 
In other lessons learned today - over an hour of swimming after nap time plus an after dinner bike ride/family walk makes for one super tired little girl! She was way over tired when we got home from the short bike ride and as result had trouble settling in for bed. I think the fun we had was worth it though. I always enjoy our family walks in the evening. 

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