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Friday, May 21, 2010

spray park and random ramblings

  This week we've have kept busy. The past two weeks I had been going to the gym in the afternoon but when I do that I don't really have a chance to go to the classes because the evening classes don't start until dinner/bedtime. So this week we switched back to the morning. It's a little (sometimes a lot) more crowded in the childcare in the morning so when Micah is a little more tired or cranky I prefer to take him in the afternoon so he doesn't take away the attention from other kids when he wants to be held the whole time. He did great though and only had to be a held a lot two of the four days. We really appreciate and love the sweet ladies that work in the childcare at our gym because they do take great care of the kids and in Abby's class (the 3-5 year olds) they are always having story time when we get there and doing an art project while I am in class. I know Abby has a good time because she always goes in and sits down ready to listen to the story and is excited to show me her craft when I get back. I have made 4 days at the gym so far this week - two Body Pump classes and two Body Combat classes. It was my first and second time to Body Combat and it's pretty fun! 
  Since we've been hitting the gym in the morning - it's left our afternoons free for some water play. More specifically the pool and spray park! The pool is open M/W/F afternoons (as well as Sat/Sun) and the spray park is open everyday (on T/Th they have swim lessons, water aerobics and lap swim instead of open swim.) Both kids are loving the pool - even if it's a tad chilly when you first get in. Micah loves splashing the water with his hands and watching everyone swim. Abby is doing wonderfully swimming - but with a life jacket on. She's still a little afraid of getting her face wet so she doesn't want to try without her life jacket yet. Maybe some day when Daddy comes with us we can work on losing the life jacket. With or without a life jacket she is a little fish and is so proud of herself that she can swim all the way across by herself (mommy is proud of her as well!) 
  Since Daddy didn't come with us it's kind of hard for me to get pictures of everyone in the pool (as my camera is not waterproof - though I did come across a waterproof case I could get for my little point and shoot - if I can ever find the charger for it - it's got to be around here somewhere!) I did get couple shots of them at the spray park though! This was on a day with some cloud cover and the pool wasn't open for free swim so the spray park was empty - just us there. I think with more kids, Abby and Micah might have had more fun. They had fun but not quite as much as they usually have. 

Micah didn't even get in the water that day. He hung back and watched Abby. Normally he loves going through the tunnel that Abby was in. He figured out he is little enough to make it through between the sprays without really getting wet and will toddle back and forth in and out of the tunnel between the sprays with a huge smile on his face. This day he walked around the edge just watching Abby. 
Because of such a busy week today we just hung out at home catching up on some of the chores we neglected through the week (can't very well vacuum when we are out of the house all day!) It was well worth it though to have a fun week of water play. 

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