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Saturday, May 29, 2010

random ramblings

It was hot today. I think the high for the day was 92 degrees? It felt hotter than that - especially when I wore jeans to work in the Church nursery. I just don't feel right wearing shorts to church and a skirt really isn't the best thing to wear when you are working with the babies and getting on the floor (or the 2 year olds either for that matter.) They rearranged who worked in which rooms. Possibly because of the small amount of staff we have for Saturday night and possibly also because Micah caused some trouble last weekend and I ended up having to get him from his class early when he decided he was done. I figured out tonight he was bored. (Among other things like the fact that the service ends about when we would be sitting down to dinner and the hour before that is probably one of the fussier hours at our house.) He is still in the 3-12 month class. I tried to tell them that he should move up a couple weeks ago but because of the small staff Saturday nights the next room up would be the 13-24 month olds and they just didn't see putting him in with practically 2 year olds. Since he's still so little I think people tend to forget or don't realize how old he is. Tonight with me in the class with him (the baby class) he was walking circles around all the other babies. There were two little girls about his age (one older, one maybe a little younger but not much) neither of whom were walking yet and two who were about 4 months and 6 months. Micah is used to having Abby to chase around and entertain him - he kept looking at the little baby wondering what to make of her. Then whining to me because he was bored. Beau didn't realize babies get bored - but I know this whine from Micah. It happens when sister isn't around. He isn't really hungry, he might nurse but just off-on-off-on, he wants down, then back up and it's usually resolved by going to a different room or even better yet - outside. That's not something that can be done when we are at church and have to stay in the same room. Next week he's going to move up and we'll see if that helps. It definitely helped at the gym - they moved him from the baby side to the toddler (1-2 year olds) side as soon as he could walk from one side of the baby side to the other. Before that he was only happy if they were able to walk him over to that side - which wasn't alway possible when they were busy. 

Today started out really nicely. Beau told me last night he'd get up with Micah and he did. I got to sleep in a whole extra hour while the boys played and had some breakfast. Then we all hung out for the next hour and a half until we left for the gym. I went to the Body Combat class. I tried it out for the first time last week and this is the 4th time I've gone. I like it and I think I'm getting better and not messing up quite as much so that I can really focus more on doing the movements right. Last week I made it to the gym 4 times (skipping Fri-Sun), this week I've also made it 4 times (skipped Tues because of the rain and Friday because we had a repair guy coming to replace the garbage disposal that went out the Friday before.) Both weeks I did two Body Pump classes and two Body Combats. Maybe by the end of summer I'll have look excellent in my swim suit. I can hope right? Probably have to kick my coke habit first.... For the summer the gym took away the boot camp classes which I'm a little disappointed about. I liked being able to do something different and switch it up more. They added one on Friday but I liked having the option of Body Pump or boot camp on Mondays and Wednesdays. They had already taken the Wed one away earlier this month but now the Monday one and the evening ones are gone. 

Tonight before bed Abby picked out a Clifford book which reminded me that she must have been dreaming about Clifford the other night in bed. She was either half asleep or talking in her self and said something like "I want to talk to those dogs but they're over there" then when we asked her again what she said (thinking maybe was wanting her Lucky dog to sleep with or something, she mentioned wanting to watch Clifford on tv. We told her it was time to go to sleep and she did. 

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