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Monday, May 24, 2010

pirate ship

We picked up, put together and filled up the new pirate ship water table today (story on the water table swap later!)  Micah was very interested in watching the table getting filled up. 
One of his favorite parts of the table was the squirting shark. Though he didn't do any squirting of it but he did try to talk to it and eat it. 
See him talking to the shark here? And check out the awesome pump tower in the middle of the ship! It really works and pumps water up then down though the holes and down the sail. It also shuts off by itself after a little while so it's not constantly running (so I hopefully won't have to change the batteries too often.) 
Micah also found the cup with holes in the bottom very interesting and loved watching the water run out of the holes. 
Meanwhile Daddy and Abby started a big water fight. There is a cannon on the ship that has a very good range and everyone got shot by it. By the time we went inside everyone was soaked. (Micah because of his own doing - we didn't going around squirting the baby too much!) 


1 comment :

Angie said...

that table looks fabulously fun!

i love the picture of Abby giggling!! so sweet :)