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Friday, May 28, 2010

crawfish boil {south Texas style}

So in the past 6 months or so Abby has developed this fascination with looking at the lobsters at HEB when we go grocery shopping. She's always liked it but in the past few months we have to see them - it's no longer optional. Well today Beau got to work and the seafood manager had a 40 lb bag of crawfish in to sell. Beau thought about it and decided to invite his parents over for a crawfish boil because he knew Abby would love seeing the 'tiny lobsters.' (No he didn't buy all 40 lbs - he just enough for Grandma, Grandpa and him to eat) 
He was right. Abby was thrilled to see them. Micah was quite interested as well - and amazingly didn't try to tough them - just leaned his head as far as he could to see. 
I think Daddy was quite fascinated by them as well. 
Turns out Beau was wrong - Grandpa did have a boiler thing hidden away thankfully - Beau had forgotten since they hadn't used it in a long time - so we didn't have to try and boil them in the kitchen. (He confirmed this before purchasing the crawfish) 
In they go! 

We tried to hang out outside while they were getting ready to cook but Micah was too interested in being with the other boys so after a quick splash in the water table we had to go back inside. (I just happen to like the picture so I had to throw it in to the post!)
After a quick boil and then some time sitting in the hot water to absorb all the spices the crawfish were ready. 
Dinner time! (Beau sweetly cooked some chicken and corn on the grill and boiled some potatoes separately for me - yup I still don't eat much crawfish!)
Abby at first didn't want to try one but eventually she did eat a couple. Micah even tried one - well he briefly put it in his mouth, then took it out. Kinda like what he did with most of the rest of his dinner - with the exception of the corn. (His day of good eating yesterday must have been a fluke.... more on that on his blog if you click on his picture in the right hand sidebar it will take you there) 

"Hi little crawfsh!"

We finished off the meal with maybe one of the best desserts I've made. More on that later. I think I'll make it again and take some pictures of it because it was that good. 



Scartch said...

Umm, thanks for not sharing! We so would driven down just for the yummy crawfish, and to teach Abby how to suck the heads =)

Lisa said...

Looks like a fun night and great dinner!
Did Abby touch the "little lobsters"?
Can't wait to hear about the surprise dessert!

Lisa said...

Sorry to not be more specific- did she touch them before cooking them?

Lisa said...

Sorry to not be more specific- did she touch them before cooking them?