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Sunday, May 30, 2010


I tried my best for a couple minutes to snap a few cute new shots of the kiddos this morning while they were dressed all cute for church. I was looking back through the pictures I'd taken this month and noticed while I've gotten lots of good shots of them having fun (that's what kids are supposed to do right?) I've gotten lots of shots of the sides of their faces, or blurs while they run off and not so many of them cute and smiling for the camera. Umm so yea that didn't work too well. Abby would have willing participated and did sit down for a picture but my active little Micah kept wandering off and since I had wisely chosen the front yard for this little photoshoot - wandering off towards the street or the rose bushes not such a great idea. I did get this one decent shot out of the whole 5 minutes I tried. 
In other lessons learned today - over an hour of swimming after nap time plus an after dinner bike ride/family walk makes for one super tired little girl! She was way over tired when we got home from the short bike ride and as result had trouble settling in for bed. I think the fun we had was worth it though. I always enjoy our family walks in the evening. 

Saturday, May 29, 2010

random ramblings

It was hot today. I think the high for the day was 92 degrees? It felt hotter than that - especially when I wore jeans to work in the Church nursery. I just don't feel right wearing shorts to church and a skirt really isn't the best thing to wear when you are working with the babies and getting on the floor (or the 2 year olds either for that matter.) They rearranged who worked in which rooms. Possibly because of the small amount of staff we have for Saturday night and possibly also because Micah caused some trouble last weekend and I ended up having to get him from his class early when he decided he was done. I figured out tonight he was bored. (Among other things like the fact that the service ends about when we would be sitting down to dinner and the hour before that is probably one of the fussier hours at our house.) He is still in the 3-12 month class. I tried to tell them that he should move up a couple weeks ago but because of the small staff Saturday nights the next room up would be the 13-24 month olds and they just didn't see putting him in with practically 2 year olds. Since he's still so little I think people tend to forget or don't realize how old he is. Tonight with me in the class with him (the baby class) he was walking circles around all the other babies. There were two little girls about his age (one older, one maybe a little younger but not much) neither of whom were walking yet and two who were about 4 months and 6 months. Micah is used to having Abby to chase around and entertain him - he kept looking at the little baby wondering what to make of her. Then whining to me because he was bored. Beau didn't realize babies get bored - but I know this whine from Micah. It happens when sister isn't around. He isn't really hungry, he might nurse but just off-on-off-on, he wants down, then back up and it's usually resolved by going to a different room or even better yet - outside. That's not something that can be done when we are at church and have to stay in the same room. Next week he's going to move up and we'll see if that helps. It definitely helped at the gym - they moved him from the baby side to the toddler (1-2 year olds) side as soon as he could walk from one side of the baby side to the other. Before that he was only happy if they were able to walk him over to that side - which wasn't alway possible when they were busy. 

Today started out really nicely. Beau told me last night he'd get up with Micah and he did. I got to sleep in a whole extra hour while the boys played and had some breakfast. Then we all hung out for the next hour and a half until we left for the gym. I went to the Body Combat class. I tried it out for the first time last week and this is the 4th time I've gone. I like it and I think I'm getting better and not messing up quite as much so that I can really focus more on doing the movements right. Last week I made it to the gym 4 times (skipping Fri-Sun), this week I've also made it 4 times (skipped Tues because of the rain and Friday because we had a repair guy coming to replace the garbage disposal that went out the Friday before.) Both weeks I did two Body Pump classes and two Body Combats. Maybe by the end of summer I'll have look excellent in my swim suit. I can hope right? Probably have to kick my coke habit first.... For the summer the gym took away the boot camp classes which I'm a little disappointed about. I liked being able to do something different and switch it up more. They added one on Friday but I liked having the option of Body Pump or boot camp on Mondays and Wednesdays. They had already taken the Wed one away earlier this month but now the Monday one and the evening ones are gone. 

Tonight before bed Abby picked out a Clifford book which reminded me that she must have been dreaming about Clifford the other night in bed. She was either half asleep or talking in her self and said something like "I want to talk to those dogs but they're over there" then when we asked her again what she said (thinking maybe was wanting her Lucky dog to sleep with or something, she mentioned wanting to watch Clifford on tv. We told her it was time to go to sleep and she did. 

Friday, May 28, 2010

crawfish boil {south Texas style}

So in the past 6 months or so Abby has developed this fascination with looking at the lobsters at HEB when we go grocery shopping. She's always liked it but in the past few months we have to see them - it's no longer optional. Well today Beau got to work and the seafood manager had a 40 lb bag of crawfish in to sell. Beau thought about it and decided to invite his parents over for a crawfish boil because he knew Abby would love seeing the 'tiny lobsters.' (No he didn't buy all 40 lbs - he just enough for Grandma, Grandpa and him to eat) 
He was right. Abby was thrilled to see them. Micah was quite interested as well - and amazingly didn't try to tough them - just leaned his head as far as he could to see. 
I think Daddy was quite fascinated by them as well. 
Turns out Beau was wrong - Grandpa did have a boiler thing hidden away thankfully - Beau had forgotten since they hadn't used it in a long time - so we didn't have to try and boil them in the kitchen. (He confirmed this before purchasing the crawfish) 
In they go! 

We tried to hang out outside while they were getting ready to cook but Micah was too interested in being with the other boys so after a quick splash in the water table we had to go back inside. (I just happen to like the picture so I had to throw it in to the post!)
After a quick boil and then some time sitting in the hot water to absorb all the spices the crawfish were ready. 
Dinner time! (Beau sweetly cooked some chicken and corn on the grill and boiled some potatoes separately for me - yup I still don't eat much crawfish!)
Abby at first didn't want to try one but eventually she did eat a couple. Micah even tried one - well he briefly put it in his mouth, then took it out. Kinda like what he did with most of the rest of his dinner - with the exception of the corn. (His day of good eating yesterday must have been a fluke.... more on that on his blog if you click on his picture in the right hand sidebar it will take you there) 

"Hi little crawfsh!"

We finished off the meal with maybe one of the best desserts I've made. More on that later. I think I'll make it again and take some pictures of it because it was that good. 


Thursday, May 27, 2010


Our routine of the past couple weeks has pretty much been the same most days- wake up, breakfast, inside play or outside on the drive way/bike ride, gym, lunch, nap/quiet time, outside - water play - either pool/spray park or the water table. It's a pretty good routine that I'm enjoying right now. 
Today we added in the little pool (in reality I purchased the little pool for Honey but since the gym pool isn't open Tues/Thurs and the spray park is closed for resurfacing this week and I haven't had Beau pick up a larger pool yet we used this one - I can't fit a bigger pool in the car to bring home) Micah didn't much want to be in the pool and instead walked back to the porch indicating he wanted the water table instead. So I moved the pool to the end of the slide and let Abby slide into it. She had a blast! 

Water play sure does make everyone hungry and tired though! 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

water tables: a review

So for Micah's birthday we wanted to get him a water table. My mom and I went out to the toy store and found this one: Sand and Water Fun Factory 
We were satisfied that it looked pretty cute. It came with all the gears, a boat for the water side and a tractor of sorts for the sand side (that we just put water in), a shovel, a cup for the water side and an umbrella. It got put together with the help of daddy, Grandma and Grandpa. Before we even put it outside the next afternoon Micah grabbed hold of the less than sturdy ramp (the orange thing on the side) lifted it and it snapped. It left a small semi-sharp edge on the top so I unscrewed that section and tried to superglue the ramp back together but knew that super glue surely wouldn't hold if Micah went to lift the ramp again. We went ahead and played with the table that day because I had already promised Abby we could and the enjoyed it. That also showed a couple more small flaws with this table - the gears didn't work all that well and the drain dripped a bit. Nothing huge but all things combined not the best quality toy. When the ramp was off it left two holes in the top side of the table - this meant when it rained that night the table filled with water. Which also worried me because then if all the water didn't get out it could start to mold underneath the table. 

We took that table back to the toy store and exchanged it for this one: The Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Table
This table is much better so far. It comes with lots of fun toys but most importantly it works! The cannon fires, the pump in the mast pumps water up and the kids had a blast with it. I'm much happier with our second water table. Not only do all the parts work properly but there is tons of room around the table for everyone to play. Before seeing the difference I hadn't thought about it but the first table we got had enough room for two, maybe 3 kids to play side by side. This pirate ship table has room around all the edges. All ours friends can come and play and there will be room for all of them around this table. 

Both of them took a little effort to put together but the Pirate ship seemed to go together much easier. Beau would say if he was going to change anything about these toys - he'd make sure they'd predrill holes for the screws. As it is now you have to use the screws they provide and your strength to drill through the material to put it together. 


Monday, May 24, 2010

pirate ship

We picked up, put together and filled up the new pirate ship water table today (story on the water table swap later!)  Micah was very interested in watching the table getting filled up. 
One of his favorite parts of the table was the squirting shark. Though he didn't do any squirting of it but he did try to talk to it and eat it. 
See him talking to the shark here? And check out the awesome pump tower in the middle of the ship! It really works and pumps water up then down though the holes and down the sail. It also shuts off by itself after a little while so it's not constantly running (so I hopefully won't have to change the batteries too often.) 
Micah also found the cup with holes in the bottom very interesting and loved watching the water run out of the holes. 
Meanwhile Daddy and Abby started a big water fight. There is a cannon on the ship that has a very good range and everyone got shot by it. By the time we went inside everyone was soaked. (Micah because of his own doing - we didn't going around squirting the baby too much!) 


Saturday, May 22, 2010

What's in your throat?

Today at lunch time Abby and Daddy were discussing his sickness (he's got strep - yuck!) It ended up being quite the sweet little conversation. 

Abby: "Daddy why are you sick?" 

Beau: "Because there are bugs in my throat." 

Abby: "God is in my throat... not bugs." 

Beau looks at me and says you have to blog that!  


Friday, May 21, 2010

spray park and random ramblings

  This week we've have kept busy. The past two weeks I had been going to the gym in the afternoon but when I do that I don't really have a chance to go to the classes because the evening classes don't start until dinner/bedtime. So this week we switched back to the morning. It's a little (sometimes a lot) more crowded in the childcare in the morning so when Micah is a little more tired or cranky I prefer to take him in the afternoon so he doesn't take away the attention from other kids when he wants to be held the whole time. He did great though and only had to be a held a lot two of the four days. We really appreciate and love the sweet ladies that work in the childcare at our gym because they do take great care of the kids and in Abby's class (the 3-5 year olds) they are always having story time when we get there and doing an art project while I am in class. I know Abby has a good time because she always goes in and sits down ready to listen to the story and is excited to show me her craft when I get back. I have made 4 days at the gym so far this week - two Body Pump classes and two Body Combat classes. It was my first and second time to Body Combat and it's pretty fun! 
  Since we've been hitting the gym in the morning - it's left our afternoons free for some water play. More specifically the pool and spray park! The pool is open M/W/F afternoons (as well as Sat/Sun) and the spray park is open everyday (on T/Th they have swim lessons, water aerobics and lap swim instead of open swim.) Both kids are loving the pool - even if it's a tad chilly when you first get in. Micah loves splashing the water with his hands and watching everyone swim. Abby is doing wonderfully swimming - but with a life jacket on. She's still a little afraid of getting her face wet so she doesn't want to try without her life jacket yet. Maybe some day when Daddy comes with us we can work on losing the life jacket. With or without a life jacket she is a little fish and is so proud of herself that she can swim all the way across by herself (mommy is proud of her as well!) 
  Since Daddy didn't come with us it's kind of hard for me to get pictures of everyone in the pool (as my camera is not waterproof - though I did come across a waterproof case I could get for my little point and shoot - if I can ever find the charger for it - it's got to be around here somewhere!) I did get couple shots of them at the spray park though! This was on a day with some cloud cover and the pool wasn't open for free swim so the spray park was empty - just us there. I think with more kids, Abby and Micah might have had more fun. They had fun but not quite as much as they usually have. 

Micah didn't even get in the water that day. He hung back and watched Abby. Normally he loves going through the tunnel that Abby was in. He figured out he is little enough to make it through between the sprays without really getting wet and will toddle back and forth in and out of the tunnel between the sprays with a huge smile on his face. This day he walked around the edge just watching Abby. 
Because of such a busy week today we just hung out at home catching up on some of the chores we neglected through the week (can't very well vacuum when we are out of the house all day!) It was well worth it though to have a fun week of water play. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Beau graduated from law school on Saturday. I'm now married to a Dr. 

Now the next {hopefully short!} chapter of our lives - to study study study for the bar exam - and find a law job! 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

simple pleasures

Sometimes there's nothing better in life than the simple pleasures. Things like jumping or falling into the pile of comforter that is on the floor while I change the sheets or make the bed in the morning. 

Is it just my kids or does anyone else have kids that love doing this too?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

water table

Abby and Micah seem to be enjoying the water table Micah got for his birthday. 

Not to self though: if you have a sand and water table but choose to simply fill both sides with water to avoid the mixing of sand and water - don't leave the open sand box right next to the table. Wet baby + open sandbox = wet sandy baby. 
It also resulted in some sand getting into the water in the table as well. Oh well! They are still having fun right? 

Abby also decided to 'fix' Micah's hair. She gave him what we've been calling around here 'monkey hair' because some of the monkeys at the zoo have the little tuft of hair sticking straight up on the top of their head like where Micah has longer hairs that Abby wet down and made stand up on his head. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day (yes I know it was a couple days ago now!) Last year I had a 5 day old itty bitty baby on Mother's Day. It was his first big outing so that we could go to church as a family. Look how tiny he was! 
This year, just like last year, it was BYOC (bring your own camera) day and they had photographers at the ready in several areas to take family photos for Mother's day. So here is our updated family shot from this mother's day.