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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

zoo playdate

Yesterday we got to go to the zoo with our friends. It was an exciting trip because the second phase of the Africa Live exhibit the zoo has been building forever was open and we hadn't seen it yet. I love this next exhibit area! They have some African dogs there now. {Sorry it's a bad shot because they were lying in half-shade half-sun area.}
We even went in the petting zoo area where Abby liked brushing the goats. (They only had goats in the petting zoo)
After a picnic all the little ones played in the river bank water area until they started to get cold. As a special treat since everyone was really well behaved we rode the train before heading home. This was a big hit for all of them. Micah thought it was a little long though since he was ready for a nap - but he did so well the whole time we were at the zoo! 


1 comment :

Lisa said...

Looks like everyone had a great day!
What a great picture of you and Micah!
He won't want to hear it later when he's a big boy, but he is beautiful!