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Thursday, April 22, 2010

strawberry picking

So yesterday after Micah woke up {early like usual} and Abby woke up shortly later as she can't miss out on the fun we headed out for an adventure. We drove out to Marburger Orchard to pick some strawberries. We love strawberries around here and can usually eat one of the small containers from the grocery store in one sitting. Some friends of ours had gone the weekend before last and brought some berries to share to Church and they were such tasty berries - you can't get any fresher than picked yourself from the farm fresh! 

Abby was a good helper for the majority of the picking process - I think next year she'll be an excellent berry picker. We definitely plan on going back next year during strawberry season. {In addition to peach picking later this summer!} The only problem was she wanted to pick and eat them instead of putting them in the basket! 
Micah was not so helpful at berry picking! In fact quite the opposite. I wore him in a carrier to start out with - starting on the front but he got in the way of picking so I switched him to my back. That didn't last long as he wanted to get down and he was quite vocal about it. Then we started the battle of him wanting to hep 'pick' berries - and basically anything else he could grab including leaves and green berries. It got to be quite the challenge. We moved to a row of berries that was on the edge of one of the 4 berry patches so that there was grass for him to walk around in but that didn't stop him from wanting to either pick berries of grab them out of the berry box and eat them. I can't blame him! It did make it challenging but not any less fun! 
Here's Abby showing off our berries we picked. Don't you just love her smile! She wouldn't give me a normal one! I didn't get many more pictures because we were focused on berry picking and of course I was trying to help Abby find the good berries to pick before she went wild picking any and all berries she saw and keeping Micah from picking the plants in general! 
We {mostly} filled up two berry picking boxes to have plenty of berries for various uses. Come back tomorrow for some of the ways we will be using our berries! 

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