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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

rain, rain...

won't keep us away. We had a play-date scheduled for this morning. Then we woke up to wet ground and drizzle still coming down. After phone calls back and forth we decided as long as it wasn't still raining we were all fine with just bringing changes of clothes and letting the kids get a little wet/dirty. See we weren't going somewhere inside. We had planned a play-date at a restaurant where all the moms/mom-to-be could sit and chat while the kids ran around. The place had an astro-turf field with balls, a treehouse wooden slide structure and a little tikes play thing as well. Basically all the necessities to keep everyone entertained and happy. And that they were. 

I came all prepared as well. Extra clothes for the kids, wearing clothes I didn't think they'd be too uncomfy in if they got wet, wipies to clean mud/dirt off and a camera to take pictures. Yeap see those lovely pictures? Yup taken with the iphone. Wait? Didn't I just say I brought my camera? Well I did... I just forgot to put one of my two memory cards back in! Oops! 

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