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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

pizza play date

Yesterday we had a wonderful playdate with friends. After playing hard for a little while - we forced let the kids make their own pizza's for lunch. 

They rolled out their dough (using some various things as rolling pins because while we remembered all the ingredients none of us remembered or thought to bring an extra rolling pin! Whoops!) 

They spread out their sauce on their pizzas. 
Then they put cheese on their pizzas. 

Don't they look yummy? 

Since they all got to make their own pizza's and we also made one big pizza for us to eat we had more than enough pizza to go around for everyone. In fact there was enough that they each had one to eat for dinner which worked out beautifully {as long as you don't mind feeding your kid the same thing for lunch and dinner!} since we had planned a girls night out and were all leaving the kids home with their daddies. We didn't have to worry about what they would eat for dinner and daddies could just enjoy playing with the kids instead of fixing something for dinner! 

The pizza playdate seemed to be a big hit. Thanks to Stephanie who allowed us to make a mess of her kitchen. She has a wonderful counter with enough barstools that allowed more than enough space for everyone to roll out their pizza at the same time! 

Now I am in need of some serious strawberry recipes! We are going strawberry picking today and we'll likely come home with lots of berries. I'm already planning some strawberry ice cream and some strawberry/yogurt popsicles (as long as I remember to purchase some popsicles molds!) then I plan to freeze some for smoothies. So any other good strawberry recipes you want to share? I'd love to hear them! 

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