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Saturday, April 10, 2010

If you guess bike riding - you are right! We only had to go to 4 stores to find a helmet small enough for Micah's head. We found a tiny bike helmet for Abby when she was just a tad older than Micah at a bike shop without a problem. Target and Walmart only have helmets for 3+ year olds no baby helmets that I've seen. So we started with a couple near by bike shops. 3 to be exact. Finally we went to Toys R Us and they had 1 there. The inner removable padding wasn't nearly as thick as in Abby's helmet so I've taken her pink pads and switched them out between their helmets so that Micah's helmet fits as well as possible (and it's still a tad too big.) He doesn't mind too much. In fact he practically fell asleep. Can you see the sleepy eyes?
Then Miss Abby got a late Easter present. A big girl bike! We had talked about it before Easter but hadn't decided soon enough to run out and get one so we finally got it a couple days ago. She's doing so well on it. She took one spill the first day when she got going fast and started looking around for Daddy and turned her handle bars as well.  The next day she was more cautious and didn't want to do as fast but she still enjoyed riding. 


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