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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

how could you say no?

When asked by this little girl asking in her sweetest little voice.... "does this outfit look pretty mommy?" 
Of course you can't say no! This Mommy just responds in a sweet voice. "That looks beautiful darling."
Take note of the blue I've pointed an arrow to in the picture above. She's wearing another shirt underneath the long sleeve cupcake shirt. No that shirt doesn't match the pants any better. In fact probably matches less. 

And yes she did leave the house wearing that outfit. We went to Bass Pro Shop because Abby always comment about the boats that she sees at the boat sales place near out house. So we went to Bass Pro so she could see some boats up close and even climb in a couple. She also liked the 4 wheelers (especially the pink youth one - not quite old enough sorry sweetie!) and especially the fish. The biggest fish are daddy fish then there are also mommy fish and baby fish depending on their size and boy was there a gigantic fish in that tank.  


Lisa said...

The socks and pants match!

Ashley R said...

Awe...our little Fashion-ista!

Scartch said...

What a sweetheart! I miss her!!!

flat yeast bread said...

Aww! so sweet!

Ashley R said...

Awe...our little Fashion-ista!