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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter morning

We didn't do anything to prepare/remind Abby about the Easter bunny coming so she didn't even notice the baskets full of stuff on the coffee table this morning. When Daddy got downstairs I mentioned it and she looked around the room and finally spotted the basket. She didn't realize at first that the stuff was for her because I had told a little white lie to her at the store last week and told her some of the stuff was for Daddy's birthday and snuck other stuff in the basket without her seeing it. She was most impressed by the pink bird peeps. (Yes she was wearing clothes - she gets dressed first thing most days before she'll even go downstairs)

Micah was most impressed by the basket itself. He played all afternoon putting a golf ball into the basket, the putting the basket up to and on his head making the ball fall out. 

Then we all headed to Church, enjoyed a wonderful Easter service and then we headed out to the Bluebonnet field out in the back (but technically what our church planned as the front doors) to take a family photo. We managed to get a good shot of the entire family but failed to get a decent shot of just us four. 
We had everyone over to our house for lunch and enjoyed a yummy brisket, shrimp skewers, some rosemary rolls, mashed potatoes and grilled corn on the cob. Delicious! Abby spent most of the afternoon trying to convince everyone to play with her on the swing set. 

Now Daddy is putting up a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs to keep the baby away from his newest favorite hobby of climbing the stairs

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