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Friday, April 02, 2010

Easter egg basket

This morning Abby asked to color which worked out amazingly well since the Easter craft I wanted to do with her involved some coloring. We printed out some coloring sheets (2 of her choosing that had bunny rabbits on them and then two more with eggs on them) I love the printable coloring sheets that Kaboose has (and all their wonderful craft ideas!) 
Later after lunch we broke out the paint and Abby painted a paper plate that I had cut a 1/2 circle out of to make a basket. 
 Look at the concentration here! 
Abby saw the glitter paint pens in the art box and really wanted to use them so we took those out and she went to town glittering up the eggs that she had colored earlier and I had cut out while she painted the basket/paper plate. 
And just because it's cute here is a picture of the little man while we crafted. 
Because Abby went to town with the glitter glue pens they eggs weren't quite dry enough to put together the finished product so we'll do that tomorrow morning. 

1 comment :

Lisa said...

Oh so cute. Good job Abby and Mom.
And you are really blowing Micah's cover as sweet little angel. His mischievous side is showing there!