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Friday, March 05, 2010

{typical} day

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner
Is there really such a thing? For today I think we'll pretend there is and this is what it would look like: 

Micah wakes up between 6-7am (after 7 if I'm really lucky which is rare - he's my early bird!) 
Either Daddy or I take him downstairs to play while Abby sleeps. She's usually made the early morning move to our bed instead of still being in hers. 
Abby wakes up between 7:20-8 am (and as late as 9am if I'm really really lucky meaning Micah slept in and Abby also slept in!) 
We hang out downstairs playing while I get breakfast ready for us, maybe unload the dishwasher, start a load of laundry. 
{Of course this doesn't count the days of the week that we leave the house for Bible class in which case we would grab a quick breakfast and try to leave the house by 8am} 
Then generally we try to head to the gym for my favorite bodypump class which means leaving the house around 9:30 for the 10 am class - since it's usually crowded you have to be there early to wait in line to make sure you get a spot, we leave earlier on Fridays (when Abby wasn't running a fever the night before like today!) to go to her Mommy and Me yoga class. 
After class we leave the gym and head home. If we didn't make it to the gym {like a lot of days recently due to sickies or grumpy in need of nap babies} we stay home and watch Sesame Street and try to give Micah a nap. Then we'll shower and get ready for the rest of the day. We may run a quick errand if we need to or just hang out and do chores, crafts, play outside until lunch.
11:30-12ish we try to eat lunch. 
12:30-1 we head upstairs for quiet/nap time. Some days this is the first real nap Micah has all morning. He may take a cat nap before this but usually not a long nap. After he's asleep I may try to do something around the house or read books, play doll house or color with Abby. Micah sometimes (usually) wakes about an hour into nap and realizes I'm not there. At that point Abby will play in her room or I'll let her watch a show (usually Sesame Street) while I get Micah back to sleep and lay with him for the second half of his nap because he really needs it. 
3pm Micah's up. At this point we may run errands, hang around and then head to the  gym at 4 and some days Daddy gets home from work around this time. Free playtime, sometimes outsides, sometimes craft time, throw a snack in here somewhere. 
5pm Start dinner
6pm eat dinner
7 pm bath and bed
8pm both kids are usually asleep by now and it's me time or Beau and I time. This time can be used to watch tv together (or separately on Thursdays when I like to watch Grey's, Private Practice and Project Runway and he doesn't!) a movie, blogging/photo editing, finishing my own craft projects 

Sorry that was probably boring but I thought it'd be nice for me to be able to look back and see what life was typically like for us at this point. 

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