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Monday, March 01, 2010


Not me... the carpets! 

Beau brought home a steam cleaner yesterday evening and steam cleaned the downstairs so while we had the steam cleaner for the day I put it to good use and cleaned the upstairs carpets as well. I was bummed that our play group was cancelled this morning but it did allow me to have a pretty darn productive day. 

I didn't get caught up on as much laundry as I had wanted to though as we ran out of detergent so we had to make a Target run. We've had more laundry than usual the past week because we were attempting to finally tackle night time potty training but I don't think Abby is quite ready as it started to effect her staying dry during the day time so we are back in night time diapers and I'm okay with that. We'll try again later but for now I'll enjoy not having the extra pajamas, sheets and clothes to wash.  

Today Abby seemed to have turned a corner. She was such a delight and was in a wonderful mood all most all day long. We've had a long couple weeks where she has been testing us, being rough with Micah, and easily upset. Today was nothing like that. She was such a sweet big sister today and was back to the sweet loving little girl that I was used to. I hope I'm not jinxing myself by saying this! 

Tomorrow I have big plans to start refinishing Abby's dresser and night stand provided the weather is nice. Maybe I should check the weather to see if that will actually be a possibility? {Okay weather looks good} 

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