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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

spring cleaning and crafting

I had all the best intentions of posting some new pictures of the kiddos and a sneak peek of my latest craft project that I started today but I spent more time spring cleaning today than I had originally planned {not to mention the family nap this afternoon - even Abby took one so we all laid down and napped!} 

Did you catch that? Abby - my child that hasn't napped regularly in almost a year climbed into bed and cuddled with daddy {who had the day off} and fell asleep! Now that also meant a late bedtime for her but it wasn't the fight it's been before on napping days. She must have needed it because she was much more pleasant after her nap than she had been in the hour or so before the nap. 

So I promise new pictures tomorrow but now it's bedtime.  That is unless I end up staying awake checking facebook and my friend Kiki's blog for updates to see if she has a boy or girl tonight {hopefully!}. Though she may not update finally revealing the sex/name of her baby {currently affectionally named The Beast} until the morning after she's had some rest

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