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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

seedlings update

Remember we planted those Abby Caddaby pumpkin seeds? Well they are growing!!! Abby noticed them this morning. The pumpkins aren't taking off quite as well as the sunflower seeds but the sunflowers were barely noticeable yesterday morning and by the evening wow! We planted the pumpkins (in the pink) on March 14th so this was day 10 for them and we planted the sunflower seeds (in the yellow) a couple days later but I don't remember the exact date. 
They reside in the window sill behind the end table (so Micah has a harder time reaching them) and check out how they looked this morning. 

Abby had another minute sicky round yesterday, after seemingly feeling better 90% of the day she wore out about 6:30 and went to bed early but was restless from then until midnight when she threw up. Micah (hearing Daddy shower and seeing him say goodnight) decided that 1-2:30 seemed like it should be playtime. {Yes Daddy was showering at 1 am after staying up late to work on a paper and deciding he felt like showering - new rules that once sick kids are asleep we don't shower have been implemented} So it was a long night. Abby woke up whiney but has since perked up and actually at some breakfast this morning. 

Micah woke up late (for him) at 8 am and is seemingly feeling better as well. He's content to play on the floor which is a good thing and is practicing his walking. He was also surprised when I took a picture of him. 


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