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Monday, March 08, 2010

{our weekend} and more

This past weekend ended up seeming much longer and less fun than originally planned. Abby ended up being sick... again. It seems like she is sick much more often recently (like the past 6 months or so.) She started running a fever Friday and she'd be burning up and shivering at points. She curled up in bed a couple times and took naps - something she never does unless she really feels bad. Saturday she seemed to feel better despite having an upset tummy during the night before. However she got sick again Saturday evening while I was at Bible class. By Sunday she wasn't having any periods of the really high fever but she still had a low grade fever. We of course stayed home from church (but we did watch online because my favorite of all the visiting artists we have come through, Greg Coplen, was leading worship) We missed out on play group this morning just because I didn't want to risk getting any of our friends sick. I think that was what made the weekend seem so long - I look forward to play group - likely more than the kids do! 

Micah and I got a break from the sickies when we went out garage sale-ing with friends. Micah wasn't too impressed and got a little impatient with the in-and-out of the car. I didn't find a dresser like I was looking for either. (I've got another project planned for it but I need a dresser to refinish for the project first!)
Since we were mostly stuck at home with the sickies we were getting bored of all our normal toys. I brought in the walker/car that Abby used around this age. Micah was quick and picked up how to use it right away. It was probably easier for him than it was for Abby since we have carpet here instead of the tile we had at the house she was learning in. 

Then we took a short break to Target when Abby was feeling better and got a play tunnel.  Micah and Abby really seem to enjoy it - but Abby didn't really want to have her picture taken much. 

PS. Yes sorry the video is a little blurry at moments. That's the first time I've done a video with that lens on the camera and it's trickier to focus. Sorry! 



Lisa said...

I love how Abby is so excited and cheering him on as he masters the walking toy! Micah is so sweet as he peeks out of the tunnel.

Scartch said...

I see the hand-me-downs have begun!