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Monday, March 29, 2010

not me monday

It's that day of the week again. They day we start out our week fresh and guilt free because we confess without really confessing to anything all about what happened last week!

Since Beau worked yesterday and they were busy it was not my children that had to be dragged to a couple different things that were maybe not quite as fun as they would have liked. So in order to make it fun for them it was not my children that tried to steal the show. Who could blame them anyway?

During a meeting for Bibleland it was not my child that toddled around (really it couldn't have been - I don't have a baby that toddles right?) trying to grab things that he didn't need to have - like labels off boxes and such.

Then during a baby shower it was not my preschooler that tried to grab some of the new mama-to-be's gifts as she opened them to see. Nope I would have taught my preschooler better manners than that. 

Okay really they were really well behaved all day with the exception of one minor tantrum when someone was removed from grabbing gifts. 



Blessed Mama said...

thanks for sharing!!! super cutie kiddos!!

Blessed Mama said...

thanks for sharing!!! super cutie kiddos!!