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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

my girl

It's a little hard to tell by the looks of this picture that this little girl doesn't feel well. She sure was in good spirits today for 90% of the day. She wasn't bouncing around like normal but she was my sweet, lovable, cuddly girl which I miss on days she is a ball of energy that just doesn't stop. {Though I love that girl too!} Poor girl just is having a hard time kicking this darn cold to the curb - she'll be fine one minute and the next you can tell she just isn't feeling well again - and it stinks! 
So this cold needs to hit the curb soon because I want my little girl to be 100% again. {And I'd love to be able to go to work - I miss working with all my friends in the church nursery and miss the little babies I work with. I miss the gym as well. While the 3.1 mile walk Beau and I took yesterday was nice, I was sad to have to miss my favorite body pump class of the week and my gym time} 

On a side note - not sure if it's because she's been sick or what but we are at 3 days in a row where Abby has worn the same outfit for the whole day. Normally it's like 3 outfits a day because she has to change whenever we get home from anything. Like if we go to the gym, she has to change when we get home because those clothes become 'gym clothes.' I think I might finally get caught up on my laundry if this keeps up!  


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