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Saturday, March 13, 2010

loving the weather

The weather has just been beautiful lately. It'd be a waste to stay inside and not enjoy it before it gets too hot to comfortably play outside. I took the kids to the park this morning. Abby loved to slide - and really loved the rolly polly she found as well. 

Micah was thankfully content to watch. I knew if he wanted to crawl around I would spend the whole time at the park prying things out of his hands and/or mouth to keep him from eating them. The dirt/rock/mulch mixture is not the best place for a baby to crawl around in. 

I just love the fact that warm weather means I can enjoy baby feet more as well. 
Micah also really enjoys his feet. 

I also got to enjoy the company of some girl friends that I haven't spent much time with recently and had a girl's night out. Both children got excellent reports from Daddy when I got home. I knew Abby would behave decently but Daddy said she went above that and was an angel and Micah while he needed attention he wasn't crying or miserable and was almost asleep when I got home. I'd say that it was a success and that I can know leave him at home for girl's night more often.

Now it's way past my bedtime especially since the clocks jump forward tonight and I've got nursery duty at Church tomorrow so I can't exactly skip and watch the live streaming web version this week.


1 comment :

Lisa said...

I'm thinking that the pic of Micah in the stroller looks bag worthy. Can you get one a Abby like that?
Maybe we can do new bags this year.