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Thursday, March 25, 2010

feeling better

Abby is finally perking up. We spent the day at home instead of Bibleland because she was still warm and feverish last night and so I knew we needed to stay home to let her immune system strengthen up as well as not pass along the germs. She was in a much better mood though and almost up to full energy! 

Abby and Micah enjoyed playing with pots and pans.... 
Micah was walking around the kitchen and I tried to take another video but my camera battery was too low. I have one almost complaint about my camera - the battery last so long that I almost always forget what safe place it was that I left the charger the last time I used it. {And it isn't lack of use that makes the battery last so long - I take pictures of something at least once a day 99 days out of 100}

Tired of being trapped in the house and almost totally full of energy we went outside to play for a little while this afternoon. Micah got a good sniff by Honey once he was done swinging.
Then we went out front to wait for Beau to get home and Abby drove her car for a little while. I am so happy she is finally feeling better! 
You can catch a tiny preview of Micah's birthday outfit/photoshoot here. 

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