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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter program

This morning we headed to our church for an Easter children's program. It started with some praise and worship songs, then the Easter story and then more praise and worship songs. Abby I think was a little overwhelmed by being in 'big church' {the worship center} and all the kids/parents that were there but she really enjoyed and listened to the Bible story. Micah was well behaved, until I took him out of the stroller to sit up front with Abby for the story portion of the program. Then he spied a little girl who had a piece of biscuit in her hand and was determined to get it for himself. He was not too please that I kept trying to redirect him. 
After the program was over it was time for an egg hunt! 
Micah even got to get into the action and got a couple eggs himself. 
Everyone had a wonderful time! We love our amazing children's ministry team at our church. They do such a great  job teaching and loving the kids. I think the children's program and the teachers and staff of the children's ministry team are one of my favorite if not my favorite thing about our Church. There are lots of things I love but they just go over and above here! 

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