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Friday, March 05, 2010

dresser (and more!)

So I got bite by the craft bug and decided to redo Abby's dresser. All her furniture is kinda just thrown together so I figured if I painted the pieces it's add some color to her room and kinda make them go together a little better so I started with her dresser. 

I started with sanding it with Beau's sander. This was pretty simple. I'd read about using liquid sander but it had so-so reviews on it and Beau already had a sander so I could sand the dresser fairly easily. I also took off the drawer pulls and used wood putty to fill the holes. 
After sanding I primed the dresser. 

Then painted it. 
Now I need to find some fun new knobs for it. I think it turned out pretty well. It probably could look a little better but I'm pretty happy with it considering it was my first time doing a project like this. Next up the night stand. I'm not sure if I'll do the bed or not... 

And now for some exciting news... to me at least! 
If you haven't noticed I love finding fun blogs to read. It's interesting {to me} to read other blogs - especially other moms - I've gotten some great ideas for fun crafts, activities and snacks/meals from different blogs and websites. Not only that though - some of these blogs have giveaways. I'm sure that some of you have seen those random posts I've had mentioning those giveaways but not all require me to post about them {or it's an extra entry into the giveaway onto of just a comment to enter} For some giveaways there are these things called 'buttons' that you can post on your blog for an entry - those buttons link back to the website where the giveaway is hosted. Well I finally won something! I'm so excited! A lot of the giveaways have a ton of entries so I try not to dream to much about winning but I did win something today! I'm getting an awesome t-shirt from Wild Olive Tees. I actually found out about this company from The Pioneer Woman. When I went to go have my mom's (and my) cookbooks signed she gave away tees from this company and now I'm getting another one. Not only are their tshirts so cute and pretty - they have awesome Bible verses on them!  

Tomorrow (I really really promise it will actually be tomorrow this time!) come back and find out all about the yummy but {different} kind of brownies we made tonight! 

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