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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Brownie in a minute

Brownies in a minute? What? Really? Yup! Really! 

Okay... I lied. Sorry! They take 4 minutes. One to get the ingredients, two minutes to mix them all up and one to cook. 
See Daddy at some point (without mommy knowing anything about it!) promised Abby some brownies after dinner last night.  Well that became a problem when at the end of dinner Abby started mentioning these brownies and not only do regular brownie mixes take 45 minutes-ish to whip up and bake but we didn't even have a mix. It was so close to bedtime that I really didn't want to find a recipe from scratch, hope we had all the ingredients for that and then wait around, delaying a bedtime for a little girl that had been running a fever all day until the brownies were cooked and cooled. Not to mention having a plate of brownies around to tempt me to eat them the rest of the week. 

Then I remembered something... a recipe I'd been wanting to try for maybe close to a year now but always forgot about. A brownie cooked in a coffee mug. Yup! That's right! Single serving brownie in a minute (or 4.)  

There are several variations to this recipe. This is the one we used tonight and only because that was the first one that came up in my google search. I used my phone to search for it so I didn't want to go looking around too much deciding which looked best to try. Google 'Brownie in a Minute' or 'Brownie in a Mug' and you'll find lots of variations if you want to try a different one. This one came out pretty darn tasty for a brownie we whipped up in less than 5 minutes. 
So last night mommy got to save the night and save Daddy from disappointing his little Princess. Plus we got to have brownies! Can't lose with that right?

There are also muffin in a minute recipes you can find as well. Maybe we'll try that sometime soon! 



stephanie rizzo said...

you are the smartest mommy, i love the new pics at the top of your blog...sorry abby still isn't feeling well i hope she will feel better so you won't miss playdate

Lisa said...

Yummy! Does that count as a "cup" cake?
Makes me wish for a microwave so I could have one (or two).
Hope Abby is on the mend and no one else has the yuckies.

Love you all,