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Monday, March 15, 2010

abby caddaby pumpkins

We went to Lowe's the other day to get some ant killer as we've had some big ant piles show up in our yard lately and with the nice weather we want to be able to enjoy the yard without having to worry about getting eaten by ants. We also checked out stuff to make our yard look decent as right now it's not in too great of shape (lots of weeds not so much grass.) Right next to all that stuff was a big Sesame Street display with various seed packets with different characters on them, some gardening kits with tools and a bag and some mini-greenhouse kits. Abby was really interested in theses. She really wanted the Abby Caddaby one - which is interesting seeing as I wouldn't say that's her favorite character when she watches Sesame Street. I thought the kit was pretty cute and it's a great way to show her how things grow since she'll really be able to see these seedlings come up in the little pots much better than in the yard. By the time they are ready to transplant into the yard our gardens should hopefully be ready for plants!

First things first - decorating the pots with the Abby Caddaby stickers. Abby's a fairy. 10 points to anyone who can guess right now what kind of seeds the Abby Caddaby kit came with. (Here's a couple of the others and what they came with for reference to help you guess - Elmo grew tomatoes, Big Bird grew sunflowers, Oscar the Grouch grew green beans) 
Once the pots are decorated we placed them in the 'greenhouse' container and placed a peat pellet (I think that's what it was called?) into each one. 

Then each soil thing was watered and it expanded to fill the pot. 
While the soil was expanding - Abby placed stickers on each of the stakes to label her seedlings. 
Did you guess right about what the Abby Caddaby set grows? If you guess pumpkins you were right! The seeds were then placed in each of the pots and given a little more water. 
We placed the 'greenhouse' in the window and will watch and hopefully see some seedlings sprouting in the future! 
We also got a Big Bird set to grow some sunflowers but we haven't set that one up yet. 

1 comment :

Karen B said...

What a cute post! I love it!