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Monday, March 29, 2010

not me monday

It's that day of the week again. They day we start out our week fresh and guilt free because we confess without really confessing to anything all about what happened last week!

Since Beau worked yesterday and they were busy it was not my children that had to be dragged to a couple different things that were maybe not quite as fun as they would have liked. So in order to make it fun for them it was not my children that tried to steal the show. Who could blame them anyway?

During a meeting for Bibleland it was not my child that toddled around (really it couldn't have been - I don't have a baby that toddles right?) trying to grab things that he didn't need to have - like labels off boxes and such.

Then during a baby shower it was not my preschooler that tried to grab some of the new mama-to-be's gifts as she opened them to see. Nope I would have taught my preschooler better manners than that. 

Okay really they were really well behaved all day with the exception of one minor tantrum when someone was removed from grabbing gifts. 


Sunday, March 28, 2010

{baby shower}

A couple friends and I threw a baby shower for another dear friend of ours. We enjoyed ourselves and think everyone else had a pretty good time as well. 
We played some games including guessing the number of M&Ms in the bottle and bingo with the gifts that our friend received. 
We ate some cupcakes. 
Ooh- and ahh-ed at the adorable girly clothes. 
Even Micah had to check out all the presents. 
It was a busy day for Abby, Micah and I with church, a meeting for Bibleland and the baby shower but oh so much fun. 

Abby has something to say


Saturday, March 27, 2010

{sneak peek}

of things to come..... 
There are gorgeous bluebonnets blooming everywhere! 

One a side note: this was blog post 701. Wow! I've been at this for a while! 


Easter program

This morning we headed to our church for an Easter children's program. It started with some praise and worship songs, then the Easter story and then more praise and worship songs. Abby I think was a little overwhelmed by being in 'big church' {the worship center} and all the kids/parents that were there but she really enjoyed and listened to the Bible story. Micah was well behaved, until I took him out of the stroller to sit up front with Abby for the story portion of the program. Then he spied a little girl who had a piece of biscuit in her hand and was determined to get it for himself. He was not too please that I kept trying to redirect him. 
After the program was over it was time for an egg hunt! 
Micah even got to get into the action and got a couple eggs himself. 
Everyone had a wonderful time! We love our amazing children's ministry team at our church. They do such a great  job teaching and loving the kids. I think the children's program and the teachers and staff of the children's ministry team are one of my favorite if not my favorite thing about our Church. There are lots of things I love but they just go over and above here! 

Friday, March 26, 2010


My sweet first born little girl has been such a delight the past couple days. She's been so helpful, sweet and caring. She helps me push the cart when we go out, remembers to use 1 finger to touch things, hasn't wandered off and is just such a joy. We had a rough couple months where she was so active, rambunctious, mischievous if she wasn't engaged in something at all times and testing her limits which just wore down on us because we remembered how sweet she could be before. Just this week my sweet obedient little girl seems to have returned and I am overjoyed! 
Regardless of how she is acting that day I always feel so blessed to have her for a daughter. 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

feeling better

Abby is finally perking up. We spent the day at home instead of Bibleland because she was still warm and feverish last night and so I knew we needed to stay home to let her immune system strengthen up as well as not pass along the germs. She was in a much better mood though and almost up to full energy! 

Abby and Micah enjoyed playing with pots and pans.... 
Micah was walking around the kitchen and I tried to take another video but my camera battery was too low. I have one almost complaint about my camera - the battery last so long that I almost always forget what safe place it was that I left the charger the last time I used it. {And it isn't lack of use that makes the battery last so long - I take pictures of something at least once a day 99 days out of 100}

Tired of being trapped in the house and almost totally full of energy we went outside to play for a little while this afternoon. Micah got a good sniff by Honey once he was done swinging.
Then we went out front to wait for Beau to get home and Abby drove her car for a little while. I am so happy she is finally feeling better! 
You can catch a tiny preview of Micah's birthday outfit/photoshoot here. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

my girl

It's a little hard to tell by the looks of this picture that this little girl doesn't feel well. She sure was in good spirits today for 90% of the day. She wasn't bouncing around like normal but she was my sweet, lovable, cuddly girl which I miss on days she is a ball of energy that just doesn't stop. {Though I love that girl too!} Poor girl just is having a hard time kicking this darn cold to the curb - she'll be fine one minute and the next you can tell she just isn't feeling well again - and it stinks! 
So this cold needs to hit the curb soon because I want my little girl to be 100% again. {And I'd love to be able to go to work - I miss working with all my friends in the church nursery and miss the little babies I work with. I miss the gym as well. While the 3.1 mile walk Beau and I took yesterday was nice, I was sad to have to miss my favorite body pump class of the week and my gym time} 

On a side note - not sure if it's because she's been sick or what but we are at 3 days in a row where Abby has worn the same outfit for the whole day. Normally it's like 3 outfits a day because she has to change whenever we get home from anything. Like if we go to the gym, she has to change when we get home because those clothes become 'gym clothes.' I think I might finally get caught up on my laundry if this keeps up!  


seedlings update

Remember we planted those Abby Caddaby pumpkin seeds? Well they are growing!!! Abby noticed them this morning. The pumpkins aren't taking off quite as well as the sunflower seeds but the sunflowers were barely noticeable yesterday morning and by the evening wow! We planted the pumpkins (in the pink) on March 14th so this was day 10 for them and we planted the sunflower seeds (in the yellow) a couple days later but I don't remember the exact date. 
They reside in the window sill behind the end table (so Micah has a harder time reaching them) and check out how they looked this morning. 

Abby had another minute sicky round yesterday, after seemingly feeling better 90% of the day she wore out about 6:30 and went to bed early but was restless from then until midnight when she threw up. Micah (hearing Daddy shower and seeing him say goodnight) decided that 1-2:30 seemed like it should be playtime. {Yes Daddy was showering at 1 am after staying up late to work on a paper and deciding he felt like showering - new rules that once sick kids are asleep we don't shower have been implemented} So it was a long night. Abby woke up whiney but has since perked up and actually at some breakfast this morning. 

Micah woke up late (for him) at 8 am and is seemingly feeling better as well. He's content to play on the floor which is a good thing and is practicing his walking. He was also surprised when I took a picture of him. 


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

what Beau built

At long last - what Beau was building. 
(picture taken with his phone - he had taken it down before I could get a picture)


sickies sickes please go away we don't want you here anyway!

So after I blogged yesterday about Abby napping - she woke up really whiney and crying for no 'real' reason (they were of course real reasons in her mind but nothing that she needed to be crying about) An hour or so later she was running a fever. Everyone is seemingly on the mend now thank goodness so if you want to skip the gory details of yesterday evenings events I'd suggest you stop reading now. 

To add to the situation Micah decided to be inconsolable. For three hours. Nothing worked. He would take two sips of mama milk and then cry and repeat. So we tried eating, nope no go. Tried walking around, playing. The only time he would stop for more than three seconds was when we walked outside. Five minutes later outside he would start crying again. We came in from outside and he spit up all that milk. Crying + milk = tummy bubbles = milk all over. Yuck! We cleaned up, took a bath and finally got him to sleep. He was restless for the rest of the night. 

Abby who was sleeping in our bed because she was sick and that's where she wanted to sleep, woke up about midnight and threw up. Yuck again! Got her cleaned up - while Micah cried because he got woken up by it. Everyone then went back to sleep. 

This morning both kids have a cough. Not sure if it's from the same bug or if Micah's is related to extra saliva from teething (which is my best bet at why he is so crabby/clingy but don't put any money on it because I still see no teeth) Micah coughed up his morning milk all over my lap less than 30 minutes after we got up which is really not how I wanted to start my day. 

Abby has perked up considerably but is not really too hungry and Micah has taken a good nap today and finally played a little on his own like his normal self will do. Neither kid really wants to eat but they are drinking fluids just fine. 

I'm going to blame Abby's sickies on a little boy that was in her class on Sunday (I was helping in her class) that when dropped off seemed like he just had a cough but as class progressed his cough got worse and he seemed to want to lay down to play with cars and such. Not cool. Now I'm only hoping that Abby didn't get anyone from ballet sick - she only stayed for 1/2 the class before Daddy realized she really wasn't feeling well. 

Monday, March 22, 2010

not me monday

It's Monday. Know what that means? Time to confess all the things you certainly did not do last week. Any one want to confess with me? 

This week it was certainly not me that stayed in her workout wear (after working out) all day long more than once. And I certainly wouldn't have not showered after working out while doing that. Nope not me! But if it was me it wouldn't have been because we were lazy and stayed home all day.

Today it was not Abby that seemed a little off this afternoon before ballet. It was not me that sent her off to ballet with Daddy with instructions to keep a close eye on her. It was certainly not my sweet daughter that answered questions asked by her teacher but didn't want to participate in dancing. It was not her that came home 20 minutes before ballet ended, climbed on the couch, asked for blankets and feel asleep in 6 minutes flat. Nope, not my daughter that never takes naps. I am however praying that she was just really tired and not sick! Please???

It is not me that has started planning a first birthday party for a certain little man. Nope couldn't be because it's not possible that my little baby is turning one! 
So what have you not be up to this week?

did I forget to mention?

I can to the sudden realization yesterday that Easter was two weeks from yesterday and I haven't even started putting any thought into Easter baskets. 

Oops! Hmm... now what do my children want in them? Abby wanted a stuffed bunny at the store but really do I need yet another stuffed animal at our house?

Sunday, March 21, 2010


It's Sunday night (for another tiny bit here! It's late and I should probably be in bed) but Micah doesn't want to sleep. He seems to know that if he sleeps then when he wakes up it will be Monday again and that means that Spring Break will officially be over. We've had a great week despite both kids being sick on Thursday and Micah being a clingy little man on Friday. We enjoyed some beautiful weather, had a brief day of winter again and are on our way back to spring. Abby got to have a sleep over with Grandma and Grandpa last night and didn't want to come back home with me today. She even talked them into lunch before she had to come back home with me. I don't think she missed us... too much. Beau and I stayed up too late most nights this week playing our new Mario game that we beat tonight. I also got a jump on Micah's birthday decoration on our girl's craft night Friday. It was a great week. If you've read this whole thing 20 points to you for reading my random ramblings. 

Now the little man and I are off to watch some tv while I try to convince him the fun won't end just because spring break is over. 

Now do I want to watch the Celebrity Apprentice with Curtis Stone (the Australian take home chef who I would love to run into him in the grocery store for his show!) or Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (the British chef who did the show the Naked Chef)  Can't go wrong with either.... Sorry Beau -  I do still love you most.... 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

BounceHouse/PlayHouse giveaways

Over at J. Leigh Designz she is hosting a giveaway for a BounceHouseNow Bounce Bot Bouncehouse. How cool does this look? 
You can also WIN a Bounce House at Two Of A Kind, Working On A Full House during her Outdoor Oasis Event!

I'd so love to win one of those! Too bad the giveaways don't end quite soon enough that I don't think I'd have it in time for Micah's party if I did in fact win. 


hailstorm and craft night

Last night I got to hang out with my friends for a craft night. I got a jump start on party decorations for a certain little man's birthday party. Eek! Did I really just say that? My itty bitty can't possibly be close enough to turn one that I'm already in the party planning stages! I even left that certain little man home with the big man and they had a good time together. The little one even slept for him which is awesome since 99.9% of the time I'm the one who puts him to sleep. Daddy got major points for that. 

Speaking of that little man he's either got a cold or teething. He's been a snot monster the past couple days with a tiny fever that comes and goes. Poor babe! 

Early this morning we had a huge hailstorm. It was scary to listen to out the window. The wind was blowing really fast/hard and hail was hitting the windows. I'm surprised it didn't wake the babies. Well Micah was half-awake and restless (it was his normal time to wake up) but he went back to sleep. It left some evidence of the hailstorm in the front rose beds this morning. 
Now I must go attend to my snot nose baby and the 'soft tiger' {what Abby is currently pretending to be} that are playing in my living room. 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Here's the SOOC shot. A little orange from the bright orange tunnel that Micah is in.
Here's the edited version. I wish I could make his eyes blue too but since they don't show up as blue in the SOOC shot I don't really know how to do it without them looking really fake blue.
I used Lr 3 beta version for my edit. I'm going to be sad when the beta trial expires! I love using it in combination with my PS Elements.