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Thursday, February 11, 2010

things I am not

If you guess making cookies here {like Gigi did} you were right. We made some Valentines cookies for Abby's Bibleland class Valentine's party.
I love looking at some baking websites like Bakerella and I am Baker because they aways have such cute baked goods. I've made Bakerella's cake pops several times so far. I've also made cookies for Christmas but wasn't totally satisfied with how they tasted. They were good but not great. So for the valentine's party I decided to try out I am Baker's cookie recipe. They turned out fantastic! So delicious! I am not however as good a those lovely ladies at decorating. I'm sure they started somewhere though and I'm getting better but my decorating skills still need perfecting. 

I also used the cookies to do a letter/spelling lesson with Abby and work on her name. Though she pretty much already knows it by now just needs help arranging the letters if looking at the occasionally but she can tell you how to spell it if you ask her. 
I need to work on piping a little better to keep the inner flooding icing from spilling out like it did on several of the cookies - especially the letter cookies
And what was that little man doing while we baked cookies you ask?

Playing with pots and pans under my feet of course! {And in the Ergo on sleeping my back when I did the frosting!}
Oh and if you guessed that he was eating a cheeto yesterday you would have been right. {It was a natural white cheeder cheeto puff - ya know if that makes it any better than my 9 month old was eating it} File that away in the list of things Micah has eaten that I never would have considered feeding Abby at this age - that Abby has gladly passed along to Micah to eat before I could grab it - like when my hands are covered in cookie dough. He barely even wants to eat puffs or cheerios anymore because he thinks we are holding out on the 'good stuff.' 


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