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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

snow and preschool registration

Do you see it? Look closely! 
It snowed here today! We got two small {but huge for here!} snow flurries today. We got one with really big {for here of course!} flakes and this second one with smaller flakes. I wished so badly I would have brought my camera with me to Bibleland today but I forgot it on my nightstand where I had downloaded pictures from it last night. I could have gotten some great shots of the bigger flurry this morning had I brought it with me! 
Abby had fun running in the snow flakes for a few minutes before she got too cold. 

Notice the chairs? Wonder where we were? We were at church - saving our spot in line for preschool for the fall. Registration is tomorrow morning at 8 am. Yes you read that right - tomorrow. The line started forming at 7:30am this morning - yes again you did read that right - 24 hours in advance. People are spending the night in cars, trucks, tents and rented RV's to sign up for preschool. The chairs in the picture are the place holders for the line while the people wander about to pass the time. 
Good thing I work at the church and saw how crazy early the line was forming or else Beau wouldn't have been there until the wee morning hours and Abby would likely be on the waiting list instead of having a spot for sure. We might be able to find her another preschool to attend without this crazy line but we love our church's children's department and the ladies I know from the preschool staff are amazing women. Plus Abby is already comfortable and familiar with the building and it will be much easier for her to adjust to preschool there than anywhere else. In addition to the fact that it's just a great program as well.

Good thing the church has an indoor playground that the kiddos got to play on while we passed the time this afternoon. 
Why go through all this? Why for this sweet {silly!} girly of course! 


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