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Thursday, February 04, 2010

sick {again}

Apparently we only get 3 years of a good immune system around here. Abby was rarely ever sick during the first 3 years and it wasn't because we sheltered her either. We went to Bibleland up to 5 days a week where she was with other kids from the time she was 13 months until now in addition to the normal everyday errands that expose us to all the germs on shopping carts and the like. She's been going to the gym childcare since March of last year  as well and didn't start getting sick then either. Yet here we are again... with another cold.

We got up to go to Bible class this morning as usual except Abby tried to get up at 6 but did go back to sleep after some convincing. I chose to believe she was just a little out of it because she was still sleepy - looking back it's also how she sometimes acts if she doesn't feel well. After getting up an hour and 1/2 later and getting ready she seemed to perk up in the car and so I went with my first assumption - that she had just been still half-asleep. Until about an hour into Bible class when Abby started running a fever. :( 

We went home and I tucked Abby into my bed since she said she was cold and she was shivering and then turned on Blue's Clues. She watched an episode then took a nap and then repeated. 

After her nap she was doing a little better but she wanted some Sprite to drink {yes I give my 3.5 year old Sprite when she is sick and she has learned to request it} so we went off to Target for a quick trip to pick some up. I felt bad that she didn't feel well and she ended up leaving Target with a little more than just a Sprite. 

Here's to hoping that this cold doesn't stick around and that no one else in this house gets sick.

Hey wait a minute.... Beau was complaining about not feeling well just two days ago... hmm... I'm starting to think he's bringing these things home. He was the one to get hit with the last cold first as well. Who would have thought that law school would be germier than a gym child care, Church nursery or a Target shopping cart? 

1 comment :

Unknown said...

When I was young and sick (usually with strep), I would get a "prize" from the grocery store just for being sick. It usually was a math workbook or something educational like that.

Fond memories.