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Monday, February 22, 2010

remember this shirt?

We had a fun filled play date this morning with our sweet friends. It's great to have time to chat while the kids play. 

When we got home it was nap and quiet time. Abby generally thinks this means it's time to change clothes {at least 5 times} 10 bonus points to whoever can tell me what size this shirt is that she decided to wear. 
For dinner this evening I decided to do something quick and tried my hand at these homemade hot pockets. They turned out pretty good. Probably not too diet friendly but definitely cranky kids and need to get dinner on the table friendly. Beau liked it much better than my other cranky kid meals that include breakfast for dinner or pb&j sandwiches. Not every night recently has been cranky but we've had some crankier nights than usual lately due to Abby starting to wake up earlier when she hears Micah instead of sleeping in like she used to and that combined with her night wakings are leaving her extra tired in the evenings. Back to our dinner now... Abby gobbled hers up along with some pear. She thought they were pretty good. Beau also enjoyed it and had I not mentioned how easy they were to make I think I could have had him in awe of how hard I slaved on dinner. {And my craft project I did today, along with the picture I hung all by myself today!} 

And a side note - if you could take a moment and pray for a family in Houston. Their sweet 2 year old daughter Layla Grace is battling stage 4 cancer and without a miracle doesn't have much time left. A friend from the Houston area linked me to their blog a couple weeks ago and they've been in my prayers and thoughts since.
Here is the link to her twitter and you can link from there in the top right corner to her blog but before you click I thought I'd mention I can't read either of them without crying or at least coming close to it. 

1 comment :

stephanie rizzo said...

i think abby is wearing a onesie, so the shirt is probably tiny, i wished you would've put pics of your project on