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Thursday, February 18, 2010


We've been busy enjoying the crazy but generally nice weather here lately. It's freezing when we wake up but warms up to a nearly perfect temperature in the afternoon (upper 50s-upper 60s) so we can enjoy some outside time. No new pictures because I figure ya'll might get a little tired of seeing pictures of the kids on the swing set over and over. Plus it's hard to push two swings and take pictures. In addition to playing outside we've been at the gym as much as possible - except yesterday when Micah needed some extra sleep. Generally he takes a power nap in the morning about an hour or so after his 6-7am wake up then a long afternoon nap. Yesterday however he skipped the early power nap and took an hour and 1/2 morning nap later in the morning and his long two hour afternoon nap later in the afternoon. Which meant we couldn't get to the gym since he napped during the childwatch hours (with the exception of the hours during lunch/dinner) but we couldn't skip those of course because we needed to eat. Abby especially gets crabby when she gets hungry. Which lately has meant the hour or so before dinner tends to be a crazy hour around our house. We've had to cut back on the snacking because she wasn't eating well at meals so even with an earlier dinner than we used to have she is still crazy and ready for dinner. 

I finally picked up the registration packet for preschool for Abby to start in the fall. Eek! She's really growing up. Now I need to decide on the 2 day or 3 day program. I think I've decided but I'm not fully certain. I do think we'll take advantage of the extended day on Wednesdays - though I'm a little concerned I might be waking up Micah from his nap those days to pick her up if he continues to take his afternoon nap around the same time he does now - hmm maybe he'll be okay with me bumping it up on Wednesdays but not other days?  I think she's really going to enjoy it though. She loves doing arts and crafts with me and at Bible class and she is currently very interested in her letters and is getting better at writing her name plus they even do some cooking classes at the preschool.

Have ya'll been watching any of the Olympics? I enjoyed watching the Flying Tomato in the snowboarding and tonight I'm watching the figure skating. I found it interesting when they showed that the coach of the Dallas Cowboys was in the crowd for the men's figure skating free skate as well as the former Colts coach. That just doesn't seem to go well together. Beau doesn't find the Olympics as interesting to watch as I do - so he's watching basketball on a different tv. Fine by me as I really don't like watching basketball.

Well there are my random thoughts for the night. I'll leave you with those and maybe get some new pictures up tomorrow. 

Oh and I think we decided on our current decorating decision but I may make ya'll wait to find out what the decision was to make sure it's what I want. 

Tomorrow night we are having Beau's parents over for dinner and maybe even a new member of the family. I hope so!  

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