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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

more hearts

Arts and crafts time again! Today we just did a fairly simple project. Micah didn't take as long as nap as usual so he wasn't too cooperative about sitting in the high chair and having a snack (puffs) while we crafted so I had him on my lap so I choose something Abby could do fairly independently. 

I started by drawing and cutting out a heart out of construction paper. While I did that I gave Abby some tissue paper in 3 shades of pink to tear into small pieces. Then we put glue on the heart and Abby glued the tissue pieces onto the heart. 
After the heart was covered with tissue paper I let Abby decorate it even more with some glitter glue pens I had purchased at Michael's last time we were there. She had a little bit of difficulty with this as she had a hard time getting the right pressure when squeezing it to not get a huge amount out but she enjoyed it 

{sorry the pictures are poor quality as I snapped them with my phone - the real camera was charging as I ran out of battery - oops!} 

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