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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Let's Geaux Saints!

Enjoying watching the commercials while Beau watches the game and the kiddos play! Geaux Saints! Nice to see quite a few former LSU players in the game as well. 

FYI: It's impossible to find Saints gear in this city that's over run by Cowboy gear. You might luck out and find some Texans gear as well (funny seeing as how they are actually closer but what do I know about football?) 

Oh and it's really hard to get used to watching the commercials when you are used to using the DVR to fast-forward through them the entire rest of the year. Any one see any good commercials yet? I haven't seen any I love yet. Wait nevermind I take that back - I saw a Doritos commercial with a dog and a bark collar that was pretty amusing while typing this. 

Running commentary on commercials:

The Bridgestone Shamu/whale commercial bachelor party one was hilarious. 

Love the dove men's line commercial. Beau not as impressed with that one. 

The VW punch bug commercial was funny. 

What are you likes/dislikes?

Oh and my kids are cute but I have to say that Drew Bree's little boy is stinkin' adorable too. 


Heidi said...

I think the Dog Collar one was a top for me. I also like the Dodge commercial where the guy is happy to do all the woman asks and but he can drive what he wants.

Unknown said...

The VW one was amusing.

I liked the Bud Lite house also. But that's really it. Nothing else really grabbed me this year.