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Saturday, February 06, 2010

how things get done

Some days I don't know how things would get done if I hadn't discovered babywearing back before Abby was even born. I started then with a simple {Lucky Baby} pouch sling and it was good. Abby enjoyed it for the most part but around 3-4 months old she wanted to be more upright. She could do the kangaroo hold and look out but I didn't find a pouch sling very supportive to do a tummy-to-tummy up right hold with her. So I then switched to a mei tai which my mom made for me. It was great - Abby could be upright and she could face in so that she could hide her face when she was getting overstimulated or nurse if she was hungry while she was still in the carrier. Then around 8-9 months she started getting heavy and I would find myself retying the mei tai because after wearing her for a while it would start to feel loose and less supportive. At that point knowing I wasn't done wearing her as she still loved it - we upgraded to an Ergo . We used that carrier with her regularly until she was two and 1/2 and even after that she still fits and gets worn in it occasionally. 

Now with Micah I knew I loved the sling when Abby was itty bitty but decided to go with a ring sling instead. I had a solarveil ring sling and a gorgeous blue hemp silk from Sleeping Baby Production that I used daily with Micah for the first two months and then I happened on a great deal for a Zolowear sling which I was excited about because the cotton sateen fabric was more supportive for a growing baby than my pretty silk sling was. These are all great slings. I loved keeping my itty bitty baby close by, he would almost immediately fall asleep when I put him in the sling and started walking around. Plus when he was itty bitty and cuddle up next to me in the sling no one would touch him and so I could get out of the house without being worried he would catch germs from people who would want to touch. They are still great now at 9 months to put on quickly in a hip carry and easier to put in the diaper bag in case I need it. 

In addition to the ring slings I also had the Ergo that I used with Abby and a new carrier - a Beco Butterfly. The Beco has a infant insert that comes with the carrier instead of having to be purchased separately like the Ergo. Plus it comes in prettier colors/patterns. I was a little worried Abby would want to be worn while I was wearing the baby and knowing I still had a while before she outgrew the carriers size wise I wanted to have options so that both babies could be worn if that was what they needed. Like the zoo for instance. I always wore Abby {except the couple times Beau came along and he took his turn wearing her!} because she could see the exhibits much better than if she was sitting in the stroller and we don't have to take her in and out to see. These are my go-to carriers now that Micah is bigger. Both are great and I can keep one in the house and one in the car so they are never too far away when I want to use them. They offer tons of support so your back doesn't hurt while wearing a heavier baby (not that Micah is heavy yet.)

If you can't tell by now I have an addition to babywearing. Not only is it beneficial to the parent to be able to get stuff done with two hands when a babe just needs that constant mommy interaction - it's also beneficial to the baby. Sling babies have been shown to cry less, learn more, be smarter and are able to make sense of this new world more easily as they have the benefit of seeing the world from the same angle as we do instead of from the ground or from the limited view they receive while carted around in the heavy, bulky infant carseat. 

So this is how things get done around here. Especially the laundry, mopping, vacuuming and such chores while dealing with a crabby {teething?} 9 month old with some separation anxiety and a curiosity for doing things he shouldn't be doing {like playing in the dirt of the plants I have inside through the winter.}
So yes I may have a lot of baby carriers and I have no problem with that. Each serves it's purpose in this house - well except when I bring the couple I keep in the car in to wash and forget to put them back into the car. That creates a little problem as Micah is only content about 50% of the time to sit in the cart {plus I can keep him away from the germs if I wear him.} 

I won't even mention the other brands I'd love to some day try. I've never had a wrap and those just look so cozy for a newborn babe but I thought it would be too hot for a summer baby like Micah so we went with the lightweight slings. If you get a woven wrap like a Storchenwiege you can even wear them with bigger babies unlike a stretchy Moby wrap which can stretch out while wearing a heavier child. 


Brittany said...

Very interesting! =) Carter loved that sling you gave us when he was first born! I hope the new little guy will too! I was like you when we went out I loved the no one would touch him! I've been wanting to get an Ergo one bad but haven't yet. A little pricey but I'm sure very much worth it!

Ergo Baby Carrier said...

You sure looke like one occupied woman, thank God you have your baby carrier even at work !