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Saturday, February 13, 2010

date night

Beau and I got to go on a date. {I think} The first date we've had without Micah since he was born. We've had a couple dates in the past 9 months but they've always either been stay at home movie/board games, late dinner after the kids were in bed or they've included Micah. However now that he eats a little more solid food I feel more comfortable leaving him since well he doesn't take a bottle and still has yet to master his sippy cups. 

The Mentoring Moms program at our Church hosted a date night hiring the Bibleland Buddies team {that I work with} to provide childcare while all the parents went on a date. I knew the ladies who were watching my kids and the kids were comfortable with the ladies watching them because they knew them already. My mentor was even helping out in the baby class where Micah was. 

I didn't want to go too far away or be gone too long as I know Micah gets cranky between 7-8 at his chosen bedtime and I didn't want to get a call he was fussy and not be able to get back to him quickly. I shouldn't have even been worried though. 

We decided on our favorite fancy{ish} pizza place with delicious wood-burning oven pizza. We even brought our bottle of wine that we'd been saving since we brought it back from Paris to enjoy with our pizza. Maybe not the fanciest of places but it's so yummy. Generally they have live music on the weekends but they didn't that night but it was still good none the less. 

We got back to pick up the kids before their bedtime and they were still having a good time - Micah was even on the floor playing with a ball with one of the ladies - not a fuss in sight. See I knew I shouldn't have been worried.  


1 comment :

Lisa said...

Glad that you guys had a good time and that the kids had fun too.
How was your wine?