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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Here's what I worked on the past couple days. I got the idea from How Does She? You can see the inspiration/tutorial here I think it turned out pretty cute. What do you think?
Abby was crafty today as well. We did two crafts this afternoon. First an Olympic flame in honor of the Olympics. I'm really enjoying watching them - what about you? 
This was a fairly simple craft. I cut out a bottom piece for the torch and then we tore some tissue paper into strips for the flames. Not great pictures today because Micah (can you find him?) wasn't too content with his snack. 

And I'll just give you a tiny sneak peek of the second craft we did today. Can anyone guess what this might be?

Oh and this evening I tried my hand at making The Pioneer Woman's mac and cheese. The verdict is still out on if it was good or not - as I don't actually eat mac and cheese. Abby at first said it was good, then changed her mind and claimed it wasn't mac and cheese because it didn't look like the stuff daddy makes that comes in a box but she still ate it. Micah liked the couple tiny bites I gave him though. I'm still waiting on Beau to tell me the real verdict but if he says it wasn't good I'm just going to claim that's because he got it an hour or so after I cooked it when he got home from school not because it really wasn't good. {Okay so now he's since told me it was really good}


1 comment :

Hen Jen said...

the second pic has to be a shamrock. right?

I have the same sort of probl here with mac n cheese, my kids grew up with the craft stuff, so when I switched to organic kind, they didn't like it.