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Thursday, January 21, 2010

ups and downs

Abby's eyes have started to show some improvement as of this afternoon. Very little discharge or wateriness. Still pretty red though.

Micah tonight when he woke to nurse seemed to have some discharge which was Abby's first sign Monday night before her eyes turned pink on Tuesday afternoon. Here's to hoping and praying that it was just some sleep in his eyes and not, please not, him getting pink eye. 

*Friday afternoon update: Had a little more discharge this morning but none since then and his eyes aren't pink yet - still hopeful he won't get it*

Bath and Body works soaps don't dry my hands out with the 50 gazillion times I've washed my hands each day. 

I've been seriously slacking in taking pictures these past two weeks while we've having various people in our family being sick. So sorry for the lack of pictures the past couple days. 

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