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Friday, January 22, 2010

seven minute sprint or five minute frenzy

My friend (also former girl's Bible study leader in high school) has a blog {I still hate pickles} and she posted about doing a five minute frenzy at the end of the evening. I thought that sounded like a great idea because generally at the end of the day I'm looking forward to bedtime, the kids going to sleep and having some peace and quiet to lounge in the bed blogging, watching TV, or hanging out with Beau.  I decided to give it a shot tonight. Of course I waited until the little ones were asleep as I can get so much more done in those 5 or so minutes if I don't have one (or two) children wanting something during that time. I decided that I'll pick one room to do this in per night. Whichever room I want. Tonight I choose the bedroom. I didn't really time it, just picked up enough so the room looked neat and most everything was put back in it's place. 

If Beau gets on board with this idea (which I'll likely propose to him tomorrow) then likely we'll tackle three rooms a night because I intend to also implement this idea with Abby and have her help me with either her room or the playroom each night. We used to try to clean up before bath/bedtime every night but that was before Micah and generally 7-8 has been his cranky hour so we've just been surviving through bedtime as best we can but he's been less cranky lately as he has finally adjusted from 3 to 2 naps a day and can go longer between his naps. 

For now I'm going to just enjoy my clean bedroom. 

1 comment :

Lisa said...


I think the 5 or 10 minute pickup is a great idea. Especially if everyone will help. I love to feel like I'm not starting the day in the hole on cleaning up!

As far as the new title- it works for me! Maybe some different fonts and colors though. Not loving the pink and black. I do love your sub- "an LSU lovin' family..."

And Dad and I are quite amused at your 'home' picture!!! We heart that!