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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Rhinos, Monkeys and Jaguars

Once we got past the bears (most of whom were hiding or sleeping today - it is winter after all and most bears are in hibernation during this time of year) we got the the monkeys. Abby enjoyed watching the monkeys place. In the first set of monkey exhibits we got to watch a couple baby monkeys play.  I had some trouble and not enough time to get my camera to focus on the monkeys instead of the fence. I know I should be able to do it but didn't have enough time to tinker with it yet. I'm still learning.

The Gibbons also had a baby. He was hanging on tight to the mommy monkey. He had to!

Abby got to get up close and personal with the jaguar. He (she?) had been sitting a little ways away from the window which is unusual since 9 times out of 10 there is a jaguar laying on the ledge in this window. When Abby moved to this window the jaguar came up and Abby really enjoyed getting to see him face to face. 

The hippos were surprisingly active today. They were swimming (do hippos swim?) or at least moving around in their exhibit. It made it hard to get a good shot of them as they stirred up all the hay that was in the water of their exhibit. It was cool to see them move around though instead of just sitting there. {Just a forewarning for Grandma and anyone else who doesn't like snakes - scroll past the next set of pictures quickly!} 

Abby really really liked looking at the snakes - especially this green one!

Abby loved looking at the rhinos. Though I'm not sure I should mention what she was really looking for in this picture.... 

Abby and I got a birds eye view of Micah from the tree top tower. Micah has pretty good eyes because he spotted me up there taking a picture of him and got upset. He was sleepy and would get upset when he saw me because I wasn't holding him! Of course I had been wearing him before and he had fallen asleep back by the Gibbons but he only stayed asleep for 5 minutes before my moving around to take pictures must have woken him up. Makes me wonder how the baby kangaroos manage to nap with their mamas jumping around all the time? 

It didn't take Micah long to finally fall asleep in his new stroller. Beau had to complain about it not having a cup holder and made one by putting his water bottle in the seat next to the sleeping Micah (who was clutching his Sophie.) Guess I'll have to go get a cup holder attachment then maybe Beau will be swayed to liking this stroller. It pushes so smoothly! I love being able to see Micah while strolling though when he is sleepy that also seems to be a downside since when he saw me he would get upset. Can't blame him though since for the past almost 8 months (plus the 9 before that) I've worn him instead of put him in a stroller. 

I had finally remembered to bring the free lory nectar tickets I had gotten when we renewed our zoo memberships. However they were about to feed the bird their actual food so they had stopped selling the nectar until the birds ate {ya know so they don't fill up on dessert instead.}

Aren't they gorgeous birds? 

We saw tons more animals and I took just shy of 300 pictures but I figure I've put more than enough pictures into this post already! 

1 comment :

Lisa said...

Does that Jaguar think that Abby is pretty sweet or that she might taste pretty sweet?